What Hitman’s Trophies Can Tell Us About The Failure Of Its Episodic Release

Hitman's trophy list indicates that the game is struggling to keep players engaged.

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Null19801591d ago

This is nonsense to go by trophy percentages. My Diablo III Platinum only had a few percent for the longest time, but it has been steadily growing. Hitman episode 1 has only been out for 16 days.

admiralvic1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

"This is nonsense to go by trophy percentages."

The theory is logical. Instead of asking random people, going off sample sizes or any of that, they simply look at the trophy list (which has a percent based off the number that

With that being said, I do feel like the author is grasping at straws. As you said, its been 16 days and in that time and the author seems to be acting like everyone who bought Hitman would drop everything for it, when many are probably playing The Division, TESO's latest expansion, the exciting Fallout 4 expansion or perhaps, as hard as it is to fathom, doing something else with their life. Like work, school, family, Daredevil, etc.

Furthermore, trophy lists are filled with weird drop offs. Like only 22.8 percent of those who got Destiny made it to raid level, with a mere 15.6 percent making it to hard level. But I digress. The real issue is that the author is assuming and acting like people are going to drop everything for a game that they might prefer playing in small bursts, but over a longer spawn of time.

Seraphim1591d ago

the only true measure of a campaign would be story related trophies. Those that are truly unmissable by playing the game. Trophies for Complete Mission 1, etc.

admiralvic you definitely have a solid point.

Null19801591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@admiralvic Exactly. I have a wife, a career, a life. I don't drop it all to finish a game. There have been many times where I started to play a game, stopped, and went back to it 6+ months later. Case in point, I JUST finished the Driveclub Platinum trophy at the beginning of this month, but I've had the game since launch.

naruga1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

nice ..let episodic gaming die in smoke the others do not repeat the thieving mechanics..i hope DLCs strategies to follow soon (we saw Destiny's downfall) matter how much these lame tactics help companies, they became a plague multiplying generally garbage games .

SolidStoner1591d ago


you should keep that statement about garbage games to yourself.. hitman games always are great.. everything else is true.. episodic release really is "mini milking" money grabbing failure! and it kills the interest.. as a true hitman fan I will wait at least for a half of the game.. and never will buy digital and only wait for a blu-ray copy! ;)

Yetter1591d ago

I got it for PC and I've done the two training missions but haven't started the main mission yet pretty much for the reasons you've brought up, there is too much else to play.

I will definitely return to it. Don't care for the episodic model but the gameplay is solid

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Hroach6161591d ago

I def think they are losing out of money with this episodic release. I'm a huge hitman fan, bought every one on release since hitman 2, and I opted out of this one. At least until the full game releases on disc.

I can't get behind episodic content. I really can't. Seems like a lazy cash grab when the product isn't even near ready for retail.

Just my opinion.

BLAKHOODe1591d ago

I enjoyed the Paris level and played through it (and the training missions) several times. I've been busy doing other stuff lately, and I'm a BIG fan of Disney Infinity, so I've been playing it's new Battleground play-set and characters, but Hitman has me excited for more. I wasn't a fan of the episodic levels when I first heard about them, but TBH, I'm the kind of player that works best for.

-Foxtrot1591d ago

Hopefully this fails so we can get a proper Hitman game release

WellyUK1591d ago

if this fails there might not be anymore Hitman...

-Foxtrot1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

That would be sad but then there's the choice

See it succeed where future Hitman and other Square Enix games go the episode route


See it fail and see the Hitman franchise fizzle out

Hard choice but I don't want to see future Hitman games or any other franchises become episodes. The lesser of two evils.

Kryptix1591d ago

And we might not see any more episodic games come from Square Enix, which in turn, means, they will never make a Deus Ex game or Tomb Raider game in the same format. I rather buy games like those complete than buy them piece by piece to the outcome that I might have lost more money and time.

And I highly doubt that they won't make more Hitman games. It's a successful, unique franchise and I'm sure that when the game comes bundled up with all episodes, they will see a spike in sales, bigger than the first episode sales.

Mrveryodd1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I think the episodic route is a good idea for a person like me who very rearly finishes a game as the next shiny thing grabs my attention. . Thay get money from people like me who would never have bought a full game . That's just my opinion .

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