Please Don't Pre-order Games

A writer at Geek Node thought it was his duty to remind us all of a very important fact: that you should not pre-order games under any circumstance.

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JJShredder1578d ago

I've said it before and I know people will disagree but I think gaming industry just needs to start charging more for games.

Before you grab pitch forks, hear me out. I beleive games do cost a lot of money to make and they are getting more expensive as studios become larger, premium voice talent will want the checks to go along with them, and marketing gets more elaborate. Fine, it's a fact of life.

As a result of this, these companies are putting out these bullcrap pre-ordering policies, DLC/Season junk, and microtransactions because they beleive people wont buy games at a higher cost and that $60USD is it.

Charge $80USD and be done with it. Include future DLC/maps packs, and stop nickel and diming people. This would also fix multiplayer fragmentation and restore a lot of consumer trust. Hell, MS and Sony could even make this easier to digest by offering Live and PSN multiplayer services for free.

Now I get a lot of this is wishful thinking and the damage is done already but the gaming industry is always evolving and I don't see why mindsets can't either.

A perfect world would see all this crap disappear but its not. its a business and people need to get paid, I would of happily paid $80 for the Witcher 3 as the quality and content justified it. Thats a conversation for a different time tho.

DivineAssault 1577d ago

Im with you on that! Its getting out of control with all this day one dlc or season passes for stuff that couldve easily been put in there to begin with.. Stop showing games so early and release them full of content like it used to be.. Games cost way more to make than before so i can accept a higher price for a quality game thats complete!

DarkBlood1577d ago

$80 dollars there means 120 for us in canada so i sadly can not agree with that.

TeamLeaptrade1577d ago

I completely agree with you. We got it easy here in the US having to only pay $60 or so for a game, but increasing the prices will hurt other countries much more. If it increased for only the US and stayed the same in other countries, I see that being much more fair.

DarkBlood1577d ago

yeah i mean i have to swallow the fact that the upcoming nintendo selects cost 30 dollars versus thier 20 which is the price i would love to pay as that would encourage me to buy more. same goes to the resident evil ports as well

Mrveryodd1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

About the same in Australia , the phantom pain is still $109 au , i most of the time wait till all the hype dies down and pick games up when they go on sale.. This is where i like how hit man is alowing you to dip your toes , if its shite well it not alot of money to waste , if its good i will buy the rest.

yeahright21577d ago

Lots of other countries already pay more for consoles and games even after conversion. (that's why I like GOG's policy of $1 does not equal 1 euro.) I'd be fine with just raising prices here (US).

JJShredder1577d ago

Why is the US's fault our dollar has depreciated less than Canada's or that your employers don't pay you as much?

Not trying to start an argument but you folks are basically saying "Our counties economic policies suck so everyone should suffer, better policies regarding gaming be dammed."

Keep in mind that other than China, the US spends FAR more on gaming than every other country. Simple supply and demand at that point would dictate that yeah, we should pay less for buying more.

It doesn't need to be fair, the world is an unfair place.

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arkard1577d ago

If the movie industry can get away with prices not changing after how many years there is no reason gaming prices should increase. Developers and publishers need to start trimming the fat and realise what they are over spending on. If a game like the Witcher 3 can be made with 40$ (another 40 was spent on advertising) there is no reason other games less in scope/length should cost so much more.

yeahright21577d ago

I feel the same way. The counter point I've heard is that the way the system is now, you can decide if you want to spend more on a game you like.
Bought battlefield and enjoyed it? plop some cash down for the season pass.
Bought Batman and didn't care for it? skip the seson pass and DLCs and you won't be out as much money.
Which I can see this point, but then the issue becomes the pricing for all the expansion passes, dlc, microtransactions and season passes. If done like the witcher 3, no issue. but if done like evole, then we just trade one set of problems for another.

Then there's also the unknown of what's to stop the EA's and Activisions of the world to keep pulling season passes and DLCs even after the price of their games is increased? why give up the extra cash? The variable then becomes "will the backlash be strong enough to keep them in check?"

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ziggurcat1577d ago

sorry, but... my money, my choice.

TheLyonKing1577d ago

Agree. I have ff 15, kh 3, ff 7, ni no 2, persona 5 and uncharted 4 on pre order.

SouljAx3601577d ago

I'm pre ordering Uncharted 4 and nobody is stopping me.

Heyxyz1577d ago

If you pre-order a game you deserve what's coming.

Take that anyway you please.

AudioEppa1577d ago

I pre ordered Uncharted 4 on PSN

The deserving GOTY is coming, all the ways I like it..

VivaChe1577d ago

I am struggling right now to resist pre-ordering No Mans Sky. It just looks so good.

phoenixwing1577d ago

I pre-ordered No Man's Sky to get the limited Edition physical copy with steelbook and comics. It was also 20% off on amazon since i'm a prime member.

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