Performance Analysis: Hitman

Digital Foundry:
The key thing to note here is that, in most situations, Hitman manages to stay north of 30fps. With the frame-rate cap engaged, players can enjoy the game with minimal interruptions in fluidity. Hitman is not a fast-paced game, after all, so the lower frame-rate has minimal impact on the experience. It's a handsome, if understated, game with acceptable performance on both platforms. The difference in performance is almost academic when using the frame-rate cap.

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Whitey2k1586d ago

I know ac unity was better in crowded area due do having an extra core but this seems to be in the same situation but both cores are really unlocked in both consoles and still x1 plays stronger in crowded situations. My guess is that there's a strong sense of parity in this case

ritchi451586d ago

I don't think ACU used the extra core on XO. It's just it has its cpu ticking at a higher rate than PS4.

MattE1586d ago

Lol.. Parity, yes.. Of course it is. Sounds like DF reeaally didn't want to let it all out but had no choice..

See how they start by making out the ps4 version holds a better frame rate because most people don't even bother reading the meat of the article. Clever

DivineAssault 1586d ago

Im sure some patches later down the line will fix some of the issues.. Why do they need to cram so many NPCs on screen at once? All thats going to do is lower the performance.. The PC can handle all that but not home consoles..