1000 Platinums unlocked

After 7+ years of gaming on playstation consoles, Hakoom finally unlocks his 1000th Platinum trophy.

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Dagobert2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

2,000 plats next?

Hakoom2521d ago

yes in another 5~10 years lol if iam alive :p

PowerPyx2521d ago

Congrats dude :)
1000 plats is crazy. I'm at 182.

Good luck with the 2000 plats ;)

Goldby2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I'M AT 3 :D

on a side note, Congrats are defninitly in order, hopefully Sony recognizes your devotion and love for the game

SoulWarrior2521d ago

1000 plats is immense, makes my 217 look like childs play haha

AuToFiRE2521d ago

Great job. I got a challenge for you, Level 200 on steam. Or better yet, 333.

Studio-YaMi2521d ago

One word,impressive!
Good luck on your next goals dude!

Deep-throat2521d ago

What was the hardest Platinum you earned?

Hakoom2521d ago

ninja gaiden 2/3

2521d ago
watchem2520d ago

Congrats dude! I only got 30 haha. I hope Sony recognize your dedication in some way.

UltraNova2520d ago

You my friend are one crazy, self-loving(for writing and submitting your own achievement hehe)gamer with mad skills, extraordinary levels of perseverance and tooooooo much money and time on your hands!

1000 Plats? Damn, what can I say... Well done dude!

d0nT wOrrY2520d ago

Congrats. You wasted a lot of time.

nix2520d ago

Congrats man. crazy stuff.

i have like zero plats. i'm not into trophies but still congrats yo.

Nivekki2520d ago

Thank God Hakoom told us about it, otherwise I may have never found out. Well done, give yourself a pat on the back.

Oh you already have? Give yourself another one.

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Hotabang2520d ago

@Armchair what wrong with that

Mabrook Hakoom, keep it up ^_^

CartBlanche2520d ago

I see that on Xbox has achieved a gamerscore of over a million, but how can you see how many of those he actually completed 100%? Must be close to 1000 right?

kassler2521d ago

How many gaming hours is that? Impressive.

Goldby2521d ago

this is actually the only time i think NMS total number of planets is a smaller number lol

Hakoom2521d ago

you can find my statistics here
7.6 years
1590 games spread across ps3 vita and 4

Goldby2521d ago

damn man, that is dedication. on another side note. who are the grumps who bubble down'd Captain Wormy? in cases like this. i feel his words said was what everyone was thinking.

Number-Nine2521d ago

A litttttttle too much time on his hands.

BiggCMan2521d ago

Who are you to judge what he does with his time :)

Studio-YaMi2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

He wasn't,he was just suggesting that Hakoom has more time to spare than him,not everyone can have their time to themselves nowadays,sadly.

Eidolon2521d ago

Yeah, even after 7 years, 1000 plats is 20k-50k hours of invested time, and if you sleep and work like the average person, that's at minimal over 5 years of every day gaming..

No_Pantaloons2521d ago

If that time was spent playing games he enjoyed I might agree, but this is clear trophy grinding, where many games he likely had little-to-no interest in other than "it's easy to platinum."

Eidolon2520d ago

Some trophies/platinums made some games funner, though.

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Seraphim2521d ago

time is all we have. How we use it is up to us.

Eidolon2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

He's not saying it's not up to us. He's saying that even a hardcore gamer can't do this.. this is over 5 years of 12hrs a day going for trophies.. that's at the minimal average 20 hrs per plat, some games have much more than that. He's an EXTREME gamer. I assume a lot of these trophies are duplicates and some shameful ones as well.. I wonder if some re-signed saves were used for the difficult ones.

Hakoom2521d ago

@eidolon some plats take 20mins to 1h too

inmusicutrust2521d ago

@hakoom what Plat can I get in 20 min to an hour?! I only have one, far cry 4. Promised myself I'd get it on TLOU but it's been a long slow fight to get, but I'll get it one day.

Hakoom2520d ago

@inmusic mostly visual novels
check my profile and see the times for some
flowers and fruits de gresaia is around 20~3mins

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blackblades2521d ago

Didn't you get banned from psnprofile cause you were cheating. As in having help etc... cause its so impossible to get that much in the time.

Hakoom2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

seems like u didnt see the video
i wrote about psnprofiles at the end
i was not banned from psnp.. the owner removed me because i went at him and called him out.. its a personal thing..
has nothign to do with cheats.. or else il be on the dirty boards
you can ask him yourself to clarify if u want :)

you can earn in 7 years.. u can earn 100~200 per year now.. if you can see how many games are releasing..
btw you can earn around 2700 plats with every game ... iam not even at 50% :)

blackblades2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I see, how does it feel to have 1000 plats. About to get my 80th platinum but waiting to get it as my 6000th trophy.

Hakoom2521d ago

i feel tired :p but i feel proud to be able to complete all these games
and goodluck on your milestones !

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