GamersFTW does the PC Gamer Weekender 2016

Joe from GamersFTW writes: Brick Lane has become well known over recent years for having an urban charm that other places in London, like Camden and Brixton, appear to be losing; a tiny street that’s filled with old red brick houses that manages to be vibrant and trendy, while firmly remaining unspectacular in its presentation. Brick Lane doesn’t have to wear any false colours to make it so intriguing; its narrowness combined with the old gates and looming chimneys of by-gone industry make it feel quite gaunt and harrowing, yet charmingly aware of being in a part of London that knows that it’s seen worse days. Brick Lane is a road that has the past, present, and future all sitting together. It makes the perfect place for the setting of the first PC Gamer Weekender, which took place in the Old Truman Brewery on 5th-6th March 2016.

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GamerGabs3060d ago

Sounds like it was an interesting weekend. Am particularly interested in Soul Axiom, after I played Master Reboot which is also by Wales Interactive and set in the same world. Master Reboot was an interesting title but got stuck by trying to push in strange and awkward puzzles instead of clearly telling it's intriguing story. I'm interested to see which side of the coin things have gone with Soul Axiom and where things have been improved.


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Jingsing126d ago

It could be free and it wouldn't matter at this point. There isn't really a PCVR Market and I say that as a PCVR user. It is modders and enthusiasts with a few retail products on Steam.