The Beautiful Disaster That Was Fable Legends

Microsoft has not only cancelled Fable Legend, but also Mircosoft is in discussions to close Lionhead Studios, and Press Play Studios. Fable has a rocky few years, with the lack luster Fable 3 and Fable: The Journey. Its about time to pull the plug Fable franchise all together??

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Ristul1013d ago

Fable as a franshise had so much potential, but after the second game it all went ape shit.

IamTylerDurden11013d ago

Not really. Fable 3 was subpar as compared to Fable 2, but overall it was an acceptable game. Part of the reason F3 was underwhelming is bc Peter actually stuck to a strict schedule forced upon by ms. In reality they should've delayed F3 and continued to iterate, Peter has stated this many times.

F3 still resembled a proper Fable game, it wasn't a joke like the next 2 iterations in the series. Fable could've rebounded from F3 if ms didn't let PM leave, and if they didn't force a Kinect and a Free 2 play title.

MS destroyed Fable.

1013d ago
IamTylerDurden11013d ago

It goes to show u what Peter actually meant to Lionhead. Yet, ppl continue to discredit the man.