Why I'm Tired to Read of Fan Remakes in Unreal Engine 4

Some of the press regularly tries to lure readers with reports on Unreal Engine 4 fan remakes, even though they know perfectly they're not happening.

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kaiserfranz1047d ago

I also noticed lots of submissions here on N4G...It is a bit annoying to see those videos knowing that they're not coming true.

kitsune4511046d ago

It's funny watching people pin their hopes and dreams on what is essentially just a really cool senior project.

ccgr1047d ago

As long as they come out it's cool

Alexious1047d ago

Of course they don't, how could they? Even these folks behind Apeiron are either knowingly lying about it being legal or they're just incredibly naive.

garrettbobbyferguson1046d ago


Of course they're lying. Disney wouldn't be giving out the Star Wars license willy nilly like that.

Chris_Wray1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

While in some respects I agree that there can be an abundance in these stories, I have no issue in the slightest with a mention. These are people with outstanding talents that a mention on the big sites could lead to something promising.

Will the vast majority of fan remakes be made? No. However, seeing what can be made with the engines and giving a bit of publicity to them isn't too bad, so long as it doesn't supplant real news and it's realistic in mentioning how little chance there is of a project releasing.

Omnisonne1047d ago

In that respect it could be seen as a work of art, fan art.
Not sure why some people assume such a thing would flourish into a full fledged game though.

Alexious1047d ago

That's the point, publications generally don't cover fan art and they shouldn't goad readers into thinking those will be actual games.

Bahamut1047d ago

Someone's butthurt about MGS remake getting canned...

And understandably so.

Agent_00_Revan1047d ago

Not only that, but now someone is announcing KOTOR remake. Given its one of my favorite games of all time, I was amazed I was able to keep a -_- face, and not care in the least. It'll get shut down too before you know it.

Timesplitter141047d ago

More like somebody's getting annoyed at how many people actually believe that these things could possibly come true

_-EDMIX-_1047d ago

lol agreed. Many folks seem to just disregard they don't own the IP, even more so the disregard many of them don't even have gameplay, they are just tech demos showing off graphical effects lolz

Mikefizzled1047d ago

It's just using nostalgia to further your CV. Nothing wrong with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.