The Legend of Zelda Plays a lot Better With HD Graphics and Without Gimmicky Controls

OJ from PlayerEssence discusses how The Legend of Zelda Princess HD plays a lot better with a standard controller and pretty HD Graphics.

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WiiWareWave2052d ago

I could imagine. I alway hated it when a game is unnecessarily difficult because of shit controls.

3-4-52052d ago

Main thing I didn't like about almost all Wii games was the motion controls.

I had played Twilight Princess for Wii on my Wii U just to try it out last year, but didn't finish it as I was sick of the motion controls.

* Playing Wind Waker HD is much more satisfying.

That is why I can't wait for Legend of Zelda for Wii U, with normal controls.


I didn't even get past an hour due to motion controls on the wii. This HD version is so much better thanks to the game pad control.

Bahamut2051d ago

I didn't care for Twilight Princess on the Wii because of the controls, but Skyward Sword is a prime example of motion controls done right. That game was phenomenal, best Zelda since Ocarina of Time in my opinion. Absolutely loved it.

I played Twilight Princess on the gamecube back in the day, and I'm really enjoying the HD makeover and hero mode. It's a bit confusing playing the whole game mirrored like that lol, but it's still fun. Everything is familiar, but not familiar at all... it's kinda cool, like it's all new almost.

RosweeSon2051d ago

Yeah same here luckily that can't be said for Nintendo.

rjason122052d ago

Wii remote worked great for this game, you could even turn off most of the motion controls if you wanted to.

xPhearR3dx2052d ago

True, I just hate the Wii Remotes. They're uncomfortable to use for long sessions. I only made it through about 3 dungeons before I gave up. Honestly, I'm glad I did. I'm enjoying it so much more using the pro controller.

Savsky2052d ago

Yeah but even with the motion controls off, the Wiimote is more inconvenient than a GameCube Controller, Gamepad, Classic Controller, or Pro Controller.

rjason122051d ago

I loved it, immersed me more into the game, as I felt like I was actually using links sword, bow, etc, loved SS motion controls even more.

Bahamut2051d ago

Skyward Sword was fantastic

RosweeSon2051d ago

Same with Mario Galaxy Nintendo always get the best out of their control set ups, awesome. People just don't like change, Metroid prime 3 with Wii remote controls said to be some of the best FPS controls around.

RosweeSon2051d ago

I wasn't a big Wii fan barely used mine but always made time for these Nintendo classics. Preferred Mario kart without the motion controls and smash bros everything else Wii U Remote it's how they intended it to be played.

RosweeSon2051d ago

There nothing Gimicky about quality and originality, if we're talking the endless party games and guff that Wii had sure gimicky, Nintendos output? Far from Gimicky.