Why We're Still Playing Star Fox 64 / 3D

I was reminded today by my tweeting mother (who has been described as the 'coolest mum in the world' by my colleagues as she arguably knows more about 3DS games than I do) that it's the 19th Anniversary of the Nintendo 64 in Europe. Putting aside the fact that it's a reminder of the grim marching on of time, it made me look back with rose-tinted spectacles (in addition to my normal glasses) to the day my older brother used his first ever paycheck to buy the 'Lylat Wars' - our rubbish European name for Star Fox 64 - bundle.

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masterfox981d ago (Edited 981d ago ) forget it.

BenRage3981d ago

Really great article. It sounds like you and I look at Star fox 64 in the same way. I played through it countless times when I was younger-- in some ways no two gaming sessions were alike. Every branching path took on an identity of it's own, and the game required some serious skill to master.

After purchasing on the 3DS I do the same thing you do and replay it ever now and then. The game is still fun. I can only hope the Wii U version finds a way to replicate the same kind of fun and replay value.

MetroidFREAK21981d ago

Star Fox 64 is my favorite N64 game of all time.

Germany7981d ago

One of my favorite games ever.

DivineAssault 980d ago

I hope the SF Zero ends up being even better than than SF & SF 64.. The Nintendo direct footage looked pretty damn good

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