E3 2016 Preliminary Floor Plans Shared: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and More

E3 seems to be losing pieces left and right this year, but there are still going to be many exhibitors at the show, starting with the “big three” Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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Relientk77955d ago

I wish it was June, I want E3 already

n4g0006955d ago

Nintendo NX maybe coming this year 2016!

BitbyDeath955d ago

Let's get to March 15 first.

wonderfulmonkeyman955d ago

There's a note there that assumes Nintendo has booked one of the theater rooms.

Live reveal for the NX?
That'd be nice~

IIFloodyII955d ago

They are probably doing the Nintendo World Championship thing again.

Though that would be a great way to show off some games, the Mario Maker stuff was fantastic last year.

wonderfulmonkeyman955d ago

I would be absolutely thrilled if they did an NWC again this year, yeah.

If they are, I hope they announce it soon; I would honestly have half-expected them to announce such a thing during the Direct a few days ago, if I had thought about it back then...

XXXL955d ago

Waitin on Take Two to drop some bombs