Has Star Fox Zero Redeemed Itself? | PE Discussion

OJ from PlayerEssence discusses Star Fox Zero's graphics overhaul and Paper Mario Paper Splash's questionable combat controls.

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Bimkoblerutso2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

To be honest, more than the graphics what's scaring me is the motion controls.

...I thought after the Wii I would never have to aim with motion controls again...

BullyMangler2053d ago

the game requires players to use the handy gyro controls only sometimes.

jholden32492053d ago

IMO the game looks excellent. The only thing I'm cautious about is the controls.

With that said, I'm an experienced gamer and enjoy complexity. As long as the control scheme is competent and not actually bad, I don't care how long it takes to master it.

And motion controls are actually superior in select games- not many but there are instances. Pikmin 3 is garbage without a Wiimote but blissful joy with it, and Metroid Prime 3 controls were a dream- made the first 2 entries seem dated as far as movement abilities and player control went. Wii Sports Golf is the absolute best simulation of real golf I've ever played, thanks to motion (and gamepad).

But I think the new age hybrid approach utilizing twin analog and gyro is the matured form of motion that will catch on more with time, Splatoon showed us that this approach has a clear advantage over dual analog only players.

wonderfulmonkeyman2053d ago

They readjusted it so that you don't have to hold the game pad up in front of your face anymore.
It works like Splatoon now; you can keep the pad cradled comfortably in your lap and just use small movements to aim with it while keeping your focus on the TV screen instead.

It won't be too hard to do, and being able to fly and shoot independent of each other is going to allow you to dodge and strike back harder and faster than ever.
It'll be a really good feeling once you see your scores rise higher than ever after getting used to the benefits of this control style.

GordonKnight2049d ago

The motion controls for Splatoon are awesome. Looking forward to StarFox Zero's motion controls. Motion controls are still evolving on Nintendo systems. One day motion controls wouldn't be called a fad anymore.

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Munnkyman2053d ago

Wasn't impressed and I was looking forward to it. The lack of online really gets me