Video: Super Mario World - 3DS SNES Virtual Console - first 5 minutes

The guys of Gaming Boulevard show the first 5 minutes of Super Mario World on the New Nintendo 3DS SNES Virtual Console.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Look at that New 3DS power pushing those "advance lush graphics"(not sarcasm) in glorious 240p, it's simply something the original 3ds just couldn't handle. /s

I wish Nintendo would stop being so stingy with the Virtual Console. Also why do they only release NES versions of Mario Bros, I want to play the SNES versions. It's like they don't want money from the fans of these old classics.

RosweeSon1381d ago

Because they were NES Games and VC Releases are just old rereleases in their original form, each to their own but I defo not interested in Mario All stars it's great they are all in one package but the original cannot be matched for looks yet they decide to make them all look like generic SNES games the great things with those 3 original Mario games is they all have their very own unique style, SNES versions looked horrible, like some chela iPhone game. Mario 3 was absolutely fine as it was on the NES, stunning even now. Super Mario world is basically the sequel, bigger and better and those graphics look great but super Mario all stars... No thanks. Looked bad enough in the SNES days.

DragoonsScaleLegends1381d ago

Funny lol. The SNES was better than the NES in every way.

TuxedoMoon1381d ago

Bought and played mario world. Great classic and pixel perfect mode looks better on the small screen than the stretched out blue mode they got. Would've been better if they gave these snes games the 3d treatment like Sonic and the other sega games. Or at least have those graphics features similar to the snes emulators.

RosweeSon1380d ago

Yeah I was always hoping Nintendo were saving Super Mario World for the 3D classics treatment but I'm just glad they finally released it for 3DS. I think Nintendo have given up on the 3D classics tho which is a shame. Sega have more than them now already.
Mario 1, 3, Super Mario World, Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy 1... My top five in order of release purely order wise it would have to be 5: Mario 1, 4:Mario 64 3:Mario 3 2:Mario Galaxy 1 and my personal Favourite has to be Super Mario World on the SNES.. Tubular gave me the minimal gaming skills I have today ;) fantastic graphics, soundtrack game world with multiple exits... Timeless classic.

DivineAssault 1381d ago

Does the game have any 3D elements or is it just a rom? This is possible on the regular 3DS.. Why not offer them a chance to play these classics too? I really dont get that.. I love nintendo but some of their decisions really just make me scratch my head.. That system can play bigger n better AAA handheld titles, why use it for SNES roms? Come on.. I own the "new" 3DS but still think thats unfair to early adopters..

RosweeSon1380d ago

Of course the SNES was better than the NES they didn't go backwards but there is nothing wrong with original NES Mario graphics even now Mario 2 was ok Mario 3 was unbelievably good in its original form that SNES all stars package was bland they all look the same all smoothed over not quirky ness the games themselves are still classics but they didn't need changing those originals graphics were fine. Hence why I bought the VC console versions specially 3 and now Super Mario world, sure Super Mario World SNES graphics were better than the NES Mario 3 but it was a newer console having grown up with a NES even now there is nothing wrong with Mario 3 Graphics... Classic. If it ain't broke don't fix it is all I'm saying... George Lucas!! ;) anakin at the end of the return of the Jedi... He wasn't even born get out!! ;)