The Non-Violent Core Mechanics of 'Mirror's Edge'

FGE - While many of my favourite games are relatively fresh, I would have reason not to like Mirror’s Edge – I love games that focus on narrative and characters. I’m generally not so concerned with visuals and gameplay, as long as the narrative elements are strong enough to upkeep the game on the whole. However, if I was to look at my favourite games of all time, Mirror’s Edge is absolutely up there. This represents somewhat of an outlier in regards to my personal tastes. It focuses on visuals and gameplay while casting narrative and characters aside. And yet, it focuses on a small number of core mechanics, and pulls them off so brilliantly that I still play DICE’s runner to this day.

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TeamLeaptrade1378d ago

I hated using guns in the original Mirrors Edge, I always tried to get through a level without using one. I should really replay this game soon, at least before the reboot/remake comes out.