Dean Hall: Cautious About VR

Dean Hall, the developer best known for creating DayZ, has shared his thoughts on virtual reality and creating games that are right for each individual platform.


Updated from sensational title to something that more clearly reflects his thoughts. Let me know if you do/don't find it appropriate. - coolbeans

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PeaSFor1380d ago

cool story bro, no go finish your vaporware instead of sharing your thoughts on stuff.

Monkey5211379d ago

Yeah, that's a clickbait title if I ever saw one. Here's the full quote:
"Overall my greatest concern has been: can we make good VR games that people will want to play for longer than 20min?. Vive/Oculus make for great E3 demos. When people come to the studio for visits, inevitably we send them off to the VR room for a demo. It offers simple, clear, and relatable experiences that anyone can appreciate.
In reality I see this as a very expensive Wii. The Wii was successful because it offered simple, fun, approachable experiences at a low cost. We don't know what kinds of games will sell well, how big the market will be, and so on. So our steps with VR are exploration and we're not banking the studio on it. I fear some studios are so swept up with the possibilities of VR they're putting everything into it when we don't know anything about the VR game market. How many people will be buying VR games? and how much will they pay?"

He is talking about the kinds of simple experiences that made the Wii a financial success and how VR needs to figure out what sells. Obviously they won't know that until they get into market.

Kal-V31379d ago

These "writers" have no integrity. Clickbaits all around..

darthv721379d ago

VR needs to be approachable by the average consumer not just the hardcore gamer. He is thinking: What can VR do to enhance the regular persons experience and keep them entertained to entice coming back?

That is what the Wii did. It was simple and easy to pick up and play for anyone. While the hardcore despise the casual market they can't deny that it is the casuals that can make or break a trend depending on how attainable it is to them.

OoglyBoogly1379d ago

Misleading click bait title. Read the article.

As far as VR goes I hope someone will release a more affordable alternative. These $600-800 price tags are, quite honestly, ridiculous. Especially for a technology that isn't some new thing. It's head tracking with an LCD screen. This doesn't really compare with technologies that at one time truly were unique and new and expensive to make (like plasma TV's cost $10,000+ back in the day).

I love VR, I want VR, but it's got to be cheaper in order to be more widespread...something which, as I just above, is too expensive for what it is.

Wallstreet371379d ago

Lol omg how do these fake, clickbait titles get approved? Smh.

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