The Division's Season Pass and Post-Launch Plans Developer Q&A

Ahead of Tom Clancy's The Division launch, we learn more about what the season pass and extra content for the game has in store.

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djplonker1375d ago

Take note bungie... This is how it's done

My hype has been turned upto 11.

Lionsguard1375d ago

I really hope Last Stand is something outlandish and crazy like aliens or something. This game would be so much better if it had a scifi bent to it. The Underground DLC gives me visions of the dark subway tunnels in Metro 2033 and Last Light.

KwietStorm1375d ago

Doesn't need sci-fi. At all.

TwoForce1375d ago

If you look closely the trailers, The Last Stand DLC only let you fight against bunch of enemies factions. It's like a horde mode.

rdgneoz31375d ago

Yah, judging from the trailer, you're basically pitted against waves of enemies and you build up your defenses between to see how long you'll survive. Could be interesting, seeing as it shows a turret when he mentions building your defenses.

Underground looks like more story DLC and the other one (Survival) judging from the video which mentions going "rogue", looks like DZ DLC.

thekhurg1375d ago

No thanks. Destiny is sci-fi, the division is more grounded in reality.

little-witch1374d ago

reality? A full cartridge of bullets in the face and still standing... hmmm. Thats realistic

zerocarnage1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

These dlc plans and amazing additions like squad loot trading are just absoloute f'ing gorgeous.

I'm glad I stuck defending Ubisoft and there 4 dev teams on these and gamespots forums when tons were in denial, throwing out assumptions, rumours just basically criticizing everything the division I and some other could see was becoming.

The division has gone atomic in my eyes, announcing more in one year of play than Destiny had planned up to now.

We all know Destiny failed, what gets me is they were allowed to get away with the absurd money charge and that people trusted Activision and bungie. That's all done now in my eyes they are dead to me and forgotten and I'll never touch one of there releases.

Ubisoft have created a masterpiece and I pity those that are still hating on Ubisoft and what they create because I've always said that despite some knock backs they were by far one of the best developers out there. When Ubisoft get there heads in gear and maybe it was those knock backs that have done this, it could of been a good thing for us all. Now look at what this publisher and the dev teams have put together. We now have the very first real tripple A mmorpg on console, Ubisoft made happen what Activision and bungie could not. They failed, Ubisoft knew it, took the chance themself and created something us console player have been longing for since the creation of pc mmorpg's.

So far Ubisoft, the dev teams and the snow drop engine have been more than brilliant, they deserve any throne that the pretender named Destiny sits on. Let's knock Destiny off and show the gaming world that we want a real good game to sit there and not some cheap imitation that makes me want to Barth every time I hear it's name..

The division deserves the record breaker, that I'm sure of..

DarkOcelet1375d ago

"We all know Destiny failed, what gets me is they were allowed to get away with the absurd money charge and that people trusted Activision and bungie."

Isnt that exactly what you are doing? Trusting Ubisoft just like those people trusted Bungie?

All i am saying is wait and see what the final version will offer before saying The Division is a 'Masterpiece'

zerocarnage1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

The numbers are dwindling all the time now, there's not even a thousand playing on one console at this time and at peak times while it increases it isn't by a significant amount, check the Destiny team finders. Even bungie came out with a article basically asking what they did wrong and how can we get you back, to me if you have to ask that question it shows how little experience you have in that genre. They should of known what any mmo needs in terms of basic features, how not to alienate your community from certain types of modes. Yeah there ten year plan to release just one game really has worked by the looks of it, to the point there now on about a sequal. Speaking of sequals, they certainly never mentioned any in that ten year plan, it was all supposed to be in one glorious games according to Activision and bungie. They also never outlined there content, letting us know there plans, they never worked with the community, but instead thought they knew it all basically giving us what they thought we wanted. A publisher and developer when they work closely with there community 9 times out of 10 will come off better than the ones who refuse to acknowledge we exist to get feedback off of..

Maybe Destiny was not a failure in terms of sales, but we all trusted them, even though they hardly released any info keeping everything under closed doors.

It's a shame really because so Much more could of been done to a game that had so much potential, but the lack of experience, money grabbing and not listening to fans, the publisher and dev lost there vision and sight of what Destiny could of been..

ninsigma1375d ago

Sigh. You had a point until you said destiny failed. A huge fanbase still enjoying the game over year after launch does not equal a failure.

pompombrum1375d ago

In a way, Destiny was a failure. If they had launched with the base game and all the content released up until now, it could have been this generation's Call of Duty 4. It did better than most of us expected though so it certainly is far from a failure but it could have so easily been a genre definer.

iceman061374d ago

So, it basically failed to meet expectations. That makes more sense than just screaming "failure!" over and over despite the fact that even when the expansion came out it sold pretty big numbers. (not defending Destiny...haven't played in almost a year.)

thekhurg1375d ago

Destiny is perfectly fine and doing well. Where is your data that only 1000 people are playing on a console? Stop spewing nonsense.

Pongwater1375d ago

Yeah there are multiple full time streamers still playing this game, which wouldn't happen if the game was "dying" like some of these people claim. People who make a living streaming don't play dying games much. In general Destiny is still one of the most streamed console games.

Pongwater1375d ago

"We all know Destiny failed…"

Not even close.

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pompombrum1375d ago

Ubi's tight lips on the actual game's content is an intriguing ploy, I really hope they are just trying to save the surprises for gamers because if this turns into another Destiny where I can explore all the game's content in my first 15 hours of playing through it, I'll never trust Ubi again.

zerocarnage1375d ago

Ubisoft while they have kept some surprises they have also let us know there plans for the first year of dlc and some changes that will happen.

What makes them different rite now is they are listening to the community, they're adding what the community wants and making the changes we want to see.

You could already tell from the beta and alpha this was no Destiny, with all that was locked and much more to come. Destiny was bland lacked vital basic features what we're needed to make an mmo, the division does not give you that vibe, well it didn't for me and millions of others who tried it anyway..

Come next week, we will all be in ore at the site of the division and playing it to death..