Rumor: Third PS3 model in the works?

This version, which has yet to be verified, isn't going to be packaged as a gaming platform like the former two, but will instead be featured as a video entertainment system. In line with the "mod" to the system, this third variant will carry these features:

* Anti-vibration mechanism for the Blu-ray disc drive.
* 512MB XDR memory.
* Advanced power supply unit.
* Two HDMI connectors to divide audio and video data.

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BIadestarX5239d ago

If you follow the article link you will see how some Sony fanboys are happy this is comming. I wouldn't dought many Sony fanboys would not think 2 times before selling their balls to get this. Besides whats the point of getting this? To be allowed to make your own games so other with the same expesive console can see them? Here is an advice; get yourself an HD-TV buy yourself a PS3 (which comes with blu-ray) and you may still have money to buy a PC which you can use to make games. Or if you are not married to Sony, get yourself a 360 for $399, the xna free ($100 to distribute to other 360 owners) and get an HD-TV with what's left.

DJ5239d ago

This is a bunch of BS. We can already get top-of-the-line Blu-ray functionality and the most powerful console for the low price of $499. There's no way people would shell out 25 grand for a slightly suped system.

power of Green 5239d ago

Twenty Five Hundred, not grand.

ChickeyCantor5239d ago

"This version, which has yet to be verified"
and it should be kept that way, first sell your first PS3 then go talk about 2500$

djbassay2k55239d ago

caught my eye and had me rolling on the floor for what felt like hours...

Aflac5239d ago

sony was stupid enuf to price their system $100-$200 more than it's higher powered rival, yes, but i highly doubt theyd be stupid enuf t price another sku $2100 more. that would take away the viewpoint of it being a steal as a bluray player too.

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The story is too old to be commented.