Should Battlefield 5 Head To World War One?

Rumours are buzzing that DICE will take Battlefield 5 to World War One later this year.

Is it a good idea?

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InTheZoneAC1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Hell No.

Anything pre 2015 needs to forever banned from BF, so sick of those old war shooters from ps2 and ps3.

It's fine adding DLC like they did with Vietnam and Bad Company 2, but if they want a full WW game keep it CoD, would be a perfect match to have lag compensation, autoaim/aim assist, P2P connections. You have a neaderthal era to go with neanderthal CoD mechanics.

Battlefield going to WW is like Gran Turismo going to Model T Racing

USMC_POLICE1378d ago

Sorry to say I think you are in the minority on this, most of us are begging for a WW2 comeback as for granturismo it has old and new cars so that is not a good choice to prove a point.

InTheZoneAC1378d ago

and your counter means what again?

Gran Turismo has old cars, but it's not the focus of the game. That is why I said as a DLC pack WW would be perfectly fine.

NarooN1378d ago

All the future bullshit is already sorely played out.

InTheZoneAC1378d ago

no one said anything about future, I'm simply talking about old WW era's

I'm perfectly fine with MODERN shooters...

kraenk121378d ago

WW1 yes please! So sick of this future shice. It sure as hell won't be called BF5 though!

Sadist31378d ago

Only fools want a WW1 battlefield game. It's evident there are a lot of fools in this world. If it is indeed in that time era, I will not buy it. Who wants to play a game with single shot weapons? We might as well double dribble instead of NBA2K

USMC_POLICE1378d ago

Semi auto is way more accurate and practical in most games and real life.

Mikeyy1377d ago

Sadist you need to do a brief bit of research on WW1.

A lot of you do. You act like it's musket warfare. Wtf do you kids learn in history class anymore?

objdadon1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

"Double dribble instead of nba 2k" lmao!

USMC_POLICE1378d ago

In the zone, the focus in GT is on cars in general there are many tournaments and show case events the focus only on old cars. I don't think we should single out or stop making any era, why not do each era every few years and keep everyone happy. Just because I am sick of modern and future doesn't mean I think they should stop making them. I just won't buy or play them it's that simple but if I want the choice why not give me a WW1 or WW2 option. just because you personally don't care for it doesn't mean I should suffer.

jasonpugh1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I've been playing Battlefield games since 1942. I'm personally open to anything from WW2 to future as BF 2142 was a blast back on the PC. I'm torn on how creative they can be using the WW1 era. Don't think there could be a lot to it. They've been continuing to support BF4 for years now. Don't think the same thing could happen with a WW1 game. As someone said, probably best if it were a DLC pack for something like that. Battlefield games have always been a day one purchase for me and it is by far my favorite franchise, with the exception of Hardline. That was trash. If WW1 is confirmed I would probably wait to see reviews before I jumped in.

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The story is too old to be commented.