Five Characters That Definitely Should've Been Included in Super Smash Brothers

As characters were announced for the Super Smash Bros roster, lots of people wrote lots of lists about who they really want to see included. This is another one.

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TXIDarkAvenger2023d ago

Extremely disappointed Drake from Uncharted and Master Chief didn't make it in. Kappa

kingPoS2023d ago

Captain N should've been in the game.

Gateway MT6706 2008

XanderZane2023d ago

Seems like another click bait article. None of those characters should be in that game. They should have include the Dog from Duck Hunt.

smashman982023d ago

lol its a satire article

DiscoKid2023d ago

That much is clear, I just wished they'd tag it as satire so that I could avoid reading it altogether.

Monster_Tard2023d ago

The dog from Duck Hunt is already in the game.

XanderZane2022d ago

Excellent! I don't have the game yet, but I was hoping they would put him in it.

Monster_Tard2022d ago

I was wanting them to put him in too. For some reason a lot of people seemed to dislike that they made him a Smash character, I thought it was great.

nan02023d ago

I can tell you who shouldn't be in the game:

Wario (too many mario chars already)
3 Marths (all low/mid tier)
A useless Corrin (had potential, but nothing combos and every move sends the opponent to the top of the stage but doesn't actually kill due to KB growth VS base knock back gimmicks)
Bayonetta, a stupid slut that doesn't even fit into the game that's completely broken and ruins the fun in the whole game.