Will Smash 4’s new patch change the meta?

The latest update brings balance changes to Bayonetta – is the Witch Hunt over?

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NotoriousWhiz1945d ago

Good. Combos that can kill from 0 don't belong in Smash bros.

KentBenMei1945d ago

Accidentally disagreed. They don't belong anywhere lol.

wonderfulmonkeyman1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Well, news flash; they existed even before Bayonetta.
They were just harder to do, and many of the ones that weren't hard to do, were patched out quickly enough that it didn't really make a difference.

Having said that; I both like and dislike the changes they've made to her.
The easy-bake top-blast-zone-KO combo she had was a bit much.
But I don't like how they nerfed so many other things on her, like the angle that opponents were launched at during dive kick or the fact that her SDI multiplier was WAAAAAAY overdone. [2X multiplier makes it way too easy to escape literally anything. 1.5 would have been perfect.]

Thankfully she's still got the best damned counter in the game, because they didn't touch Witch Time.

Big_Game_Hunters1945d ago

Did bayonetta finally get placed in the dumpster? can i play FG again?