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The Early Access release of Overfall is this beautiful mix of Turn-Based Strategy, Rogue-like, and story-led adventure all mashed into this delightful little 2.5D seafaring format. While it may be a rogue-like title, each play through can range from a few minutes to a number of hours. You dive into a nice little backstory, and then begin to explore the randomly generated world as it unfolds as time and turns goes by. No single play-through is ever quite the same, some being entirely unique. The importance is that the game seems to unfold into more complexity as you progress and unlock more features. For an Early Access title it's in a remarkably fantastic place in terms of content right now. In fact, in its current state, it could very easily be considered a full working title.

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AAWELLS091373d ago

So what was your Overfall impressions of the game?

Rcoon1373d ago

I actually really liked it. Really simple to get into, quite a casual affair, but gets progressively more and more challenging and complex the further you get into it. The rogue-like aspect feels really quite refreshing.