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Craig from TVG says "I’m going to start this Rainbow Moon review with a bit of candid honesty: I do not enjoy JRPGs. There, I said it, I feel better for it. With this being the case, I initially worried about how to review Rainbow Moon in a fair, subjective manner. Fortunately I was able to set aside my bias towards the genre and look at it as I would any other game."

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blackblades1383d ago

I don't even have to read the article to know it's a horrible review. How can you review a game which you don't even like that genre.


Im not into jrpgs either but this game is great. I get that ff7 feeling from it.

SatanicEyeJesus1383d ago

Let's clean N4G:

Story Quality - WTF
Like This Website - No

VivaChe1375d ago

I get that this game might not be for everyone but 3.8/10? That's ridiculous. This is a solid JRPG and if you are reading this, trust me it's way better than he says.