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I played Heavy Rain on PS3 but I didn’t get very far before I was distracted by…”OH! Firefly!” (HEY EDITOR: Only the BEST nerds will get that. Did YOU?”) (HEY REVIEWER: Shiny)

In 2010 when the game launched the controls were innovative in an effort to increase the player’s immersion.

The opening scene is a tutorial about movement and even listening to your character’s thoughts. The controls initially seem clumsy. There are two sticks which are traditional in execution of movement for almost every other game. Do not look for that here.

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Bathyj1374d ago

"I played Heavy Rain on PS3 but I didn’t get very far before I was distracted by…"

Stopped reading right there. Just like I would be the wrong person to review a new pair of jogging shoes, you are the wrong person to review this game.

totallysane1374d ago

I completely agree with this comment. I loved the game, yeah the controls were a tad off, but I played and beat 5 times

FattyBoy3D1374d ago

So, what u r saying is is that people who r guaranteed to give the game a good score should only review games? Interesting

TKCMuzzer1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

What he's saying is that the reviewer did not like the game on the PS3 so why on earth would he do the review for the remastered version? The game does not change.
If people did not like it on the PS3 they are very unlikely to buy it on the PS4.
I remember EDGE once allowing a guy to review an F1 game, he gave the game a low score because he did not like F1, which is odd because F1 fans were the developers target audience.

mike32UK1374d ago

Personally, when It comes to reviews I feel as though they should be done by people who like the particular style of game that they are reviewing... So that it can be reviewed as a comparison to other games of that "style".

Bathyj1374d ago

Im saying, I am not a quick runner. Was I too vague?

tweet751374d ago

I remember I was excited for this game the first time it came out. I played it and was disappointed and made me realize game novels are not for me.

MartinB1051374d ago

I love Heavy Rain, but when the devs are too damn lazy to implement PlayStation Move support, then they deserve review scores like this.

Majister-Ludi1374d ago

Controls were horrendous. Too many QTEs. Acting was pretty poor and over the top. SHAWN SHAWN!?!?! that being said it's still a decent game and world's better then beyond 2 souls.

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