How Embers of Caerus and $46k In Kickstarter Cash Smoldered out of Existence

Joanna Mueller writes: "Embers of Caerus was an ambitious project. A small, scrappy dev team coming together to build what they hoped would be the ultimate MMORPG. It may seem naive of them in hindsight, attempting such a massive undertaking, but the 2012 Kickstarter campaign showed only the best of intentions from developer Forsaken Studio, a name which only becomes more ironic as it's story unfolds."

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garyanderson1373d ago

More dreams up in flames. That's why I don't back campaigns for developers trying to fund a prototype.

Neonridr1373d ago

yeah it's becoming more and more paramount to be extremely cautious with who you back.

I usually tend to stick to people who were developers before, possibly at other companies, or people with working demos to show off.

Ratty1373d ago

That's the right attitude. It's not too hard to spot bad projects anyway.