Dark Souls 3...a Bloodborne Fan's Perspective - IGN

What does Dark Souls 3 feel like when you've only played Bloodborne?

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ziggurcat1383d ago

"What does Dark Souls 3 feel like when you've only played Bloodborne?"

probably a lot slower-paced. there's also more consideration required on things like armour/weapon selection, etc...

StrawberryDiesel4201383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Bloodborne in my opinion is the best game From Software has ever made. I'm personally gonna skip this. And this is coming from someone who put over 500 hours into Demon's Souls, 500 hours into the original Dark Souls, didn't even come close to completing Dark SOuls 2 and put about 250 hours so far into Bloodborne. Bloodborne is right up my alley. I'm currently on NG++++ and still going. The combat is just outstanding. I don't want to go back to shields.

ziggurcat1382d ago

well, you don't necessarily need to use shields in dark souls...

DashArrivals1383d ago

I reckon they would feel right at home. I will read and find out though... :-)

Jivesh1383d ago

As someone who's only played Bloodborne I know that I'll have to change my playstyle.

Pongwater1383d ago

Yeah. I'm not sure how I'll feel going back to that slower style. I've been playing Bloodborne again the last few days and I'm still blown away by that game. I am sure I'll love Dark Souls 3 though so no worries. Adapt and survive!

DivineAssault 1383d ago

It will be fine.. Anyone can adjust if the game interests you. These games have always been great but ive been playing since demons souls.. I dont mind using dual blades or a shield.. The setting is completely different..

GrimDragon1376d ago

The thing about bloodborne that I noticed was that the difficulty was artificial it did not scale with your fighter as you leveled up and no the amount of insight did nothing to ramp up difficulty. I simply spent time grinding until I beefed up to a level I felt comfortable with and proceeded to smack down every villain with my Ludwig sword with ease. This bothered me a great deal as I started to feel the game was somewhat of a cheAt and a lie. I found the true difficulty stemmed from its obscure and abstract secrets and loot that I would have never found without a strategy guide. I also realized how incredibly short the game really is when you remove the cheap deaths and trial and error. The bloodborne failures are hidden well but they are there. I found my self disappointed by bloodbornes false difficulty and I hope dark souls 3 does not have this flaw. Imo true difficulty is when a game requires you to think about an exploit a bosses weakness because no matter how much you level up if you can't figure out what kills this boss you won't beat him. But if a game only alludes to that but in turn once you level up enough to just pound away at a boss and beat him that's a fraud and a cheap style of difficulty. That is bloodborne. I hope dark souls does not carry that trait over.

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