The Coleco Chameleon Is Nothing But A Scam

Once the marvel of the retro gaming community, the Coleco Chameleon has become nothing but empty promises and lies wrapped together in a ball of black electrical tape.

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derkasan1377d ago

I think scam is a harsh word - it's definitely misguided though. Sounds like they don't really know what they're doing.

dead_pixels1377d ago

If it weren't for the falsified prototypes and the shells stuffed with captures cards I'd agree, but their behavior has done nothing but underscore a total lack of respect for their customer base.

darthv721377d ago

scam or not I just want one of those cool colored shells to replace on my real jaguar.

stiggs1377d ago

"They wanted me to build them a bomb, so I took their plutonium and, in turn, gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts" - Doc Brown, Back To The Future

Misguided? It seems that you are not too familiar with the Coleco Chameleon fiasco. The entire project has been nothing more than a devious attempt to siphon funds, via Kickstarter and Indiegogo, from unsuspecting games.

Please read the article and check out these videos for more information.

dead_pixels1377d ago

Yep. Sad thing is I would've been one of the first one lining up to give them my money. I had my finger on the trigger until the bait & switch with the KS and IndieGoGO campaigns, and things have gone up like the Hindenburg since.

EvilAsh1377d ago

I've had my doubts when the price was hiked. This thing seems like it's turning into an experiment where the creators want to see how many uninformed gamers are out there. Rule #1. Don't prey on people's memories.

n1kki61377d ago

I agree with the article 100%. Although I thought something seemed fishy and very pie in the sky since jump street. I first heard about the VGS on the all gen gamers podocast and I could help but feel like there was a bit of snake oil sales going on. Mostly "we have an idea, but no idea how to execute, so we will market the idea, takes peoples money, figure it out later". The problem is instead of figuring anything out it was all a sham, smoke and mirrors. It's an absolute joke and everyone involved should be embarrassed. Unfortunately I am sure they are back to the drawing board trying to concoct ways they can separate people with there money for vaporware. I believe the found is also the owner of one of the retro gaming mags that is out, which I also hope goes under with this completely unethical way of doing business. WHAT A JOKE both the Machine and the people involved. If you read this, YOU ARE A JOKE.

FunkyGoron1377d ago

It wasn't a scam until they basically put an older system and a bigger box and ran cords out the back.

Wait, that's all they've done.

Ok it's been a scam since inception.

If I wanted to retro-game I play my SNES.

n1kki61377d ago

Even the freaking controller is a wii-u controller with some new logos on it.

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