Layers of Fear (PS4) Review: Technical Issues Mar A Solid Horror Experience | Short Pause

Short Pause: "Gamers have been gifted with some of the most masterful horror experiences in the history of gaming early on in this generation of consoles. From full-fledged horror games like Outlast, to the critically acclaimed “demo” that was P.T. (which we wish was a full retail experience), horror games are more effective now than they have ever been before. As developers continue to find new ways to haunt our dreams with ghastly visuals and unsettling audio design, I get more and more excited about not only how much this genre has evolved in recent times, but where it’s going in the near future. Layers of Fear is a title that has all the hallmarks of being the next exceptional horror experience, but it’s ultimately held back by performance issues that pull you out of an otherwise top-notch production."

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tazmeah1377d ago

Having played both the PC and PS4 versions of the game, I can definitely say the PC version is the way to go, even though that does have some minor issues as well. The framerate on the PS4 version is highly inconsistent. If you're a horror fan that likes to be sucked into an experience, Layers of Fear has the subject matter to do so, but the technical issues break that immersion way too often. I really hope Bloober Team is able to address this on consoles, because it would be a real shame if this is the best they will see this game run.

TheDude791377d ago

I really hope they can optimize it better, the final chapter is all but unplayable near the end. It's a damn shame because it's on the brink of being a great experience. When I have my headphones on, and the lights off, it's just me and the game. And to have technical issues pulling you out of the experience so often, it ruins the enjoyment of it.

KurtRussell1377d ago

Unity is just a shitty engine, judging by the games released so far.