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Gabs from GamersFTW writes: While the controls in Dub Dash are simple, beating stages is a challenge. Lovers of rhythm games may appreciate the variety and pacing of the stages, while those new to the genre will struggle to see later levels. When the music and gameplay match up, the game can be incredibly satisfying, but frustration kicks in from trying to complete levels with one life, in conjunction with some moments of unfair design.

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joedom1380d ago

I really like the visual style;it reminds me of Rez.

SmallestSteph1380d ago

I'm never too sure what to think about games that expect you to fail a lot. If there isn't any kind of comedic value it can become a bit if a drain. This one looks really pretty though and now you've said it's that difficult, I really want to put your claim to the test :p rhythm games are one of my favourites.