How Remedy controlled a complicated story across the Quantum Break games and videos

Oh what a tangled web we weave … when we’re playing and watching Quantum Break. I discovered that the story behind the big Xbox One and Windows 10 video game coming from Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment is very complicated. That’s the hallmark of Remedy, which made memorable story-based games such as Alan Wake and Max Payne before it started on the four-year journey of making Quantum Break.

Quantum Break is one of the most important new original games coming from Microsoft, which needs exclusive games like this for its hardware platforms to stay competitive. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is pulling far ahead in the hardware battle, and potential blockbusters like Quantum Break are critical for Microsoft to remain relevant to gamers. If the story holds the gamer’s attention as Microsoft and Remedy hope, the game will steal gamers back from Sony.

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christocolus1546d ago

“That’s a lot of story to keep straight, and it could drive
a writer or game designer crazy. One of the people
responsible for making sure the story stays consistent
and understandable is Greg Louden, senior narrative
designer, who has to communicate with both the writers
and the level designers, as well as the TV show

Looking forward to the story remedy have crafted for this game.