NightCry for PC launches this spring

The PC version of the Kickstarter-funded NightCry will launch this spring, developer Nude Maker announced. The horror game from Clock Tower creator Hifumi Kono is now available for pre-order on Playism, and its Steam page is also live.

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Iltapalanyymi1383d ago

i cant help but feel that this is nowhere near showcase phase.

DarkOcelet1383d ago

Did you see the Alpha gameplay?

The game looks hilariously bad, just like Deadly Premonition. I feel like this game is going to be so bad that it is so good.

I loved what i see so far and i dont expect them to do more to the game than what you saw in the trailer.

Iltapalanyymi1382d ago

yeah! i did see the gameplay. except deadly premonition is actually good! its still one of my top 10 or even top 5 games ever.

DarkOcelet1382d ago

Deadly Premonition is on my top 3 games of last gen btw. I loved it sooooo much but we cant deny its gameplay was crap and the game looked like something from the PS2 era :]

But the story was a masterpiece. If they can nail the story here then i would be willing to forgive its other aspects.

greenmiker1382d ago

Great news! Another great game for this year.