Quantum Break’s time-bending gameplay gets caught in the uncanny valley - Are Technica

Gorgeous designs, cool powers are dogged by serious pacing issues.

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TFJWM1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Ouch, harsh preview. This will be sure to generate alot of hate...

I'm still looking forward to it but that might change if alot of the previews are like this

Septic1380d ago

I suspect that this will get a lot of mixed reviews.

My prediction for metacritic is low 80's.

Trez12341380d ago

Remedy won't disappoint. Alan wake wasn't rated that high but for me it was right up there with the best of last gen.

georgenancy1380d ago

game is getting some harsh previews..One thing i can clearly see is that the combat may get repetitive very early on.Plus the cover system looks kinda clumsy.The story seems like it may be the selling point

Ezz20131380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Not saying you are wrong or anything
but the few previews i read here were all good
Can you show me those harsh previews ?!

I'm not even a fan of the game and won't get it untill i see the reviews first because the same reasons you just posted:
**One thing i can clearly see is that the combat may get repetitive very early on.**

That was one of my problems with Alan Wake.

joab7771380d ago

We don't need anymore tech demos. This is my fear. Starting to remind me of The Order, in a way. A game to show off beautiful visuals that distract you from the lack of actual combat etc. And a story that feels like a movie.

Good news is that at least this game has some choice and a cool time mechanic. Fingers crossed.

Free_Fro1380d ago

I wouldn't worry about lack of game_play in a Remedy game.

They aren't about that life...


Overload1380d ago

Alot of the previews are criticising the gameplay.