Phil Spencer interview: on Microsoft's plan for PC gaming

Last week, Microsoft held its Xbox Spring Showcase—offering a look at some of its upcoming titles. The event was notable for its PC focus, with head of Xbox Phil Spencer talking about the studio's work on the Windows Store, and upcoming releases like Quantum Break and Forza Motorsport 6 Apex.

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Overload1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

"I wouldn’t say our strategy is to unify, because when I hear ‘unify’ I worry a bit that people will interpret, my own teams included, ‘Hey, we just want to say a game is a game and all games should run everywhere."

Which is pretty much the opposite of what I've heard people saying.

Benjammin251674d ago

I'm not against this actually. Now I never have to get an Xbox. I'm happy with just my PC and PS4. And Xbox owners will probably get more console exclusives through this as well.

AizenSosuke1674d ago

Not a bad strategy but feels like there doing a service more than a console.

ninsigma1674d ago

That's exactly where it's all going to go. I can imagine xbox and ps streaming services will be on the way in the future.

AizenSosuke1674d ago

Nooo if that happens and its online only I'm out folks.

Benjammin251674d ago

I think you may be right about that. Look at Netflix, spotify and all these other streaming services. They're taking over the world right now. It's fair to assume that games may be next.

javauns1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I don't think that's wat Microsoft is gonna do. They seem to be in a steam box upgradeable console space. They seem to want to make games kinda static in the sense of a pc, where they are always playable regardless of the hardware. I see this as a new way of getting rid of used games. I just hope they have the xbox 2.0 soon. If they are going the route I think they are trying to go.

dkp231674d ago

Game streaming is never going to be the future. It will be in the future with ps4 already having it but it's not going to be the primary platform. Physical or digital content is not going to fall behind streaming anytime soon.

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OC_MurphysLaw1674d ago

But the notion of console is evolving into more of a service as each day passes. Consoles are closer to PC then they have ever been and it can be argued the next iteration will really just be a PC under the hood with a console UI interface... PS5 Playbox, Windows XBox box, Steam Box...maybe the only outlier will be Nintendo..and even that is now in speculation.

Benjammin251674d ago

I'm not sure if this trend continues that there will even be a next gen of consoles. If Sony starts bringing there games to PC which I don't think they will but if they do I'll just get a gaming PC and nothing else.

ninsigma1674d ago

I don't think it will happen next gen. I can see there being a next gen playstation and xbox seems set to have multiple devices of differing power and shorter spaces of time (if I've interpreted Phil correctly).

ShadowKnight1674d ago

If that ever happens I'll just stick to PC and Nintendo.

ninsigma1674d ago

It's definitely going to throw people off. What would be great is if they did a hybrid. Have an application each like steam for ps/xb (xb would probably just use Windows store) on pc and have them be just like steam for their first party games. Then if you're away and you have a compatible TV or maybe a dedicated streaming box, be able to access the games you've bought by streaming them and have access to your saves if you've uploaded them (just to avoid the wholetter always online thing). I think that would be sweet and would cater to most people.

Wallstreet371674d ago

What do people expect? All consoles one day will be a service and each company is moving towards that goal at different paces. Playstation made it obvious with PSNOW, remote play features on different devices, Microsft with its initial DRM stuff, remote play to pc and now pushing games more on their pc, not just Xbone.

Mike041674d ago

Sadly they will be more focused on PC than the console

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