That Time Burnout's Developers Made A First Person Shooter

In retrospect, it made complete sense. Too bad it never happened again!

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Perjoss1380d ago

I think its time for a new Black, I could totally dig another over the top fps that focuses on destruction and throws realism out of the window in exchange for pure action and fun.

ZaWarudo1380d ago

I didn't know they made Black. That explains a lot! lol.

Inzo1380d ago

If they continued with Black, EA would have the worlds biggest FPS and not Activision. Too bad EA sucks at keeping their fans happy. But they can partially turn it around with Black2.

Hunkaloverbear1380d ago

Black was brilliant I remember smoking and playing it and being blown away

ritchi451380d ago

Wasn't Body Count a spiritual successor to Black?
Either way, a new Black would be freaking awesome!

Kallisti1380d ago

Yeah it was, I didn't really hear anything good about it though so never played it myself. Black was awesome though.

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