Resident Evil – Code: Veronica Drops Playstation for Dreamcast

Carl Williams writes, "Resident Evil – Code: Veronica was a seminal title for the Sega Dreamcast. Why? When Sony launched the Playstation console in mid 90’s it was quite a surprise move. Sure, there were rumblings in the gaming magazines of the time and around the playgrounds across the world. It still came as a surprise though, no one knew what to expect from Sony and their first attempt at a console. Besides, they are were heading up against Sega’s Saturn- there was no way, coming off the high of the Genesis (ignore the failure of the 32X for a moment) that Sega could screw up the 32-Bit era. They did. One title really opened the eyes of gamers to the world of 32-Bit (besides the amazing selection by Namco at the time) and that was Resident Evil. Sure, the Saturn got the first Resident Evil (it also got the first Tomb Raider) but it didn’t help all that much."

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