Why The Division Beta left us divided

This week's Quit or Continue podcast goes to town on the The Division Beta.

Could The Division have hidden depths to its missions that the beta didn’t reveal, or will players have to be content with the variation coming from the equipment they use and the tactics they employ?

Let's face it, it's going to be the latter.

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Kipster1377d ago

Seems to me that this game will be something of a breath of fresh air for online shooters. CoD is getting a bit long in the tooth these days, and Destiny is a grind fest. I'll happily give this a shot, as long as it has a strong and dedicated community.

Khaotic1377d ago

I like the grinds. It was a way to play with some friends and turn off the brain. That said after the betas I fell in love with this game and there will be some grinding involved. At least for the crafting, which I'm super stoked about.

ninsigma1377d ago

There's going to be grind in the division as well. Both are MMO esque games. The difference is the type of shooter they are.

objdadon1377d ago

Well you're definitely in for a grindfest with this too so this may not be for you.

AizenSosuke1377d ago

Nice pun as well btw, but this game seems to be a lot better than COD or Destiny combined!

ScorpiusX1377d ago

Don't know about divided but wanting more that it did .

CP_Company1377d ago

divided between gold edition and sleeper agent edition :)

Khaotic1377d ago

Haha nice. I went with gold. Family and all its one of the few I have bought. Last being imperial edition on ESO

zerocarnage1377d ago

Lmfao that was funny. Nice one.

Yeah I got the sleeper agent edition, the watch is ace , I'll now be able to tell the time while playing yaaaaay. No serious I like the looks of that watch and the that armband pouch, now I can fight without losing things..

zerocarnage1377d ago

Have you seen how many preorders there are for the division. This games selling like hot cakes and more. I don't see where the divide is coming into it because compared to the people who are getting the division the percentage of very low who are not.

If you had a pie chart there would be a massive 92% of people getting the division, 6% undecided and 2% not getting the game..

When there have also been recordings of the beta and millions logging into the open beta and it being the most popular beta on console in the long time then it's not hard to see how this game with sales across Xbox, ps4 and pc could possibly be the biggest or one of the biggest selling franchises to date.

Let the haters hate, I kept on telling them on the forums that there was no way in he'll that the division was not going to sell by the millions. People have obviously been waiting desperately for something new in a franchise and the division is most certainly that..

brokenbracket1377d ago

The Gold Edition was sold out on for Xbox One last time I checked, and that was about two hours ago. I was telling my bro that all the people who've been saying they weren't gonna get it actually ended up buying the game and were just trolling everyone.

Elwenil1377d ago

I just checked and all that is available on the US Amazon store is the the standard edition or digital codes for all platforms, PC, Xbox One or PS4. The Gold and Collector's Editions are all sold out.

objdadon1377d ago

I have no doubt that it will sell well out of the gate but it doesn't seem like it will have legs especially with the darkzone as its only pvp mode. Players like me will roll through the sp missions in a day or two and then what's left?

Pongwater1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

"...especially with the darkzone as its only php mode"

There was an article yesterday or the day before implying some other PvP wrinkles that haven't been revealed yet. I'm sure there will also be new PvE content. In both cases we'll have to wait and see so you can't possibly know the outcome.

Edit - Here it is...

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The story is too old to be commented.