Microsoft reveals HoloLens hardware specs

Microsoft is letting developers pre-order the HoloLens development edition today, but it's also detailing exactly what's inside the headset. HoloLens is fully untethered and self-contained, which means you do not need a PC or phone to use it. Microsoft has built an entire Windows 10 device into a headset, using a custom-built Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) and an Intel 32 bit processor.

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jb2271383d ago

Also, 2 megapixel camera? How expensive would it be to include a halfway decent camera into the device? I mean I don't know its full utility, but if you are going to include it, why go for such a weak one?

DarkOcelet1383d ago

Honestly, hololens is not looking so hot right now.

2GB Ram
2 Megapixel cam
Limited Field Of View
32bit Processor
64gb flash storage only
And all that for the price of 3000?

Mithan1383d ago

Depends what its used for of course.

XisThatKid1382d ago

Honestly I want to believe in this product but everything is telling me this is another "project natal" honestly I've been $h#ting out clouds for a while from all the smoke they blew up our ases before I'm just really weary of getting my hopes up with this device that has potential

feraldrgn1382d ago

Well it's just experimentation at this point, just like VR was back in the day.
They're not going to go all in until they've found out what works & how to use it properly.

Hololens is just an alpha/beta for AR.

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Fatal-Aim1382d ago

@ DarkOcelet

It never was. Like Kinect, people just hyped the hell out of it because Sony had VR, and Microsoft needed a way to respond.

DarkOcelet1382d ago

I honestly love the idea of Augmented Reality, its intriguing but the price and the specs arent really good.

AizenSosuke1383d ago

From the article:

HoloLens hardware specifications include 2GB of RAM, 64GB of flash storage, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Bluetooth support allows HoloLens owners to make use of a new Clicker accessory, included in the box, instead of the air tap gestures to navigate around. Microsoft says the entire HoloLens headset will weigh no more than 579 grams, and the battery will run for around two or three hours of active use. HoloLens is fully functional when it's charged over Micro USB, and the device will also have a standby time of two weeks.

Wow this device specs kinda of suck, so is this final spec or dev spec?

ScorpiusX1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Think these are for Developer kit and don't think they are final .

Yetter1383d ago

2gb of RAM and 64GB of flash don't really tell us all that much

FreeSpeech691383d ago

There are phones more powerful. This is pretty worthless for gaming. Hell Minecraft will have problems running on this.

ScorpiusX1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Its not for gaming specifically , it will have a small outlet that allows it to be used for certain games but its truly meant for other concepts .

Thatguy-3101383d ago

Makes sense why they haven't shown full blown out games for it. Just casual looking ones.

crazychris41241383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Contracts with governments and corporations is where the money is at. Military, medical, education, entertainment, construction, you name it. Gaming isnt a priority now. Years from now it will be.

Raiden1382d ago

You have all missed it, haven't the specs are not that important because this device has a major backup, it called the CLOUD, this device is cloud ready, as MS have now proven, cloud power is reality people. 2GB is just to run foundation apps, everything will be cloud base, I would bet my dog on it. the clue here is WIFI, they mention before about the speed of connection, can you understand where I'm coming from, take the demo of CRACKDOWN 3 and all the power were from the cloud, so who wants to bet against me on the cloud usage and this HOLOLENS not been merge together.

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Elit3Nick1383d ago

This is the Dev version, so of course it would be much more expensive than the final release.

Wallstreet371383d ago

The trash fov alone wont lend itself for gaming. Yes this is the dev version but dont expect a consumer friendly version anytime soon as the tech is just not there for competent gaming. this needs at least 5 more years baking in the over, a way wider fov and a way to nullify all the things that are immersion breakers. As it stands you have to stay still like a statue in order to use this because any movement throws everything off.

Majister-Ludi1383d ago

You would think that with a name like Wallstreet you would have some concept of business but alas no. If you can't see that applications beyond gaming then I can't help you. Then again you have shown your bias again and again. This tech is incredible and I can't wait to see more of it.

1383d ago
TheCommentator1383d ago

Wallstreet, there have been first hand accounts of people using Hololens that say that you can't make Hololens mess up even when you move really quickly.

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AndrewLB1382d ago

PS4 Dev kit was something like $4800-$6000.

2pacalypsenow1383d ago

2gb of ram and a 32bit processor?

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