Microsoft HoloLens: RoboRaid

In this mixed reality first-person shooter, use gaze and gesture to target enemies, and dodge incoming fire using natural movements. Spatial mapping turns each room into a unique game level, while spatial sound lets you use the entire room to play—even the spaces behind you.

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BullyMangler1380d ago

neat . but i see these holo lense activities getting mediocre reviews.

great for children though

ArchangelMike1380d ago

This one looks cool though. Although I think it would be quite limiting in-terms of creating a "proper" AAA title for the platform. I mean, try to imagine Gears of War, or Quantum Break for hololens. It is well suited to this type of AR experiences though, which will be fun in the short term.

As an applications platform, hololens stands to do very well, if Microsoft price it low enough for consumers. Imagine googlemap on hololens (think of The Division map), or skype etc. Hololens could really enhance those types of applications.

ERFO1380d ago Show
DivineAssault 1380d ago

Im not getting up and moving around to play a game.. Didnt they learn from Kinect?

ShowanW1380d ago

I see ur point, but i would so use this while just walking through the house or a walk around town.

Heck I'd get a quick game in while cooking dinner...

TheCommentator1380d ago

Look out! The robot invasion is coming out of your pot of chili, your toaster, and the coffee maker!!!

lastking951380d ago

It's not for you and clearly you're looking at it in a limited way. This goes beyond gaming like kinect.

DivineAssault 1380d ago

Its not as far as gaming is concerned but if theres some good educational & useful applications made later on, i would try it out..

shadowT1380d ago

reminds me this PSP AR Games

MasterCornholio1380d ago

It reminds me of Faceraiders.

iceman061380d ago

That's pretty much it...similar ideas applied to a much larger scale.

ERFO1380d ago

These games might get released to the public but they're not meant for the public. They're basically just opening the door for developers so they have a starting point to imagine possibilities for IPs of their own. Microsoft may develop their own shit at a more complex level, later on, but right now all they want is devs to create more content to help sell their hardware.

Sharius1380d ago

i prefer VR as long as i can use controller to play the game, AR? too much work, i never into motion control game in the first place

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