Mortal Kombat X Update Patch 1.12 Now Available

Mortal Kombat X update patch 1.12 has now been released and it’s a big download. It adds a few new things as well as support for some upcoming DLC.

If you have been keeping up with all the updates for Mortal Kombat X, patch 1.12 should be roughly between 7 to 10 GB in size. Some users are reporting that it could be lower, but it’s quite large. Some content is not yet available in this new update, but they should be unlocked eventually.

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Majin-vegeta1381d ago

Hmmm lets see if after almost a year they finally fixed their shitty netcod.

Hoffmann1381d ago

Better late than never^^

FunAndGun1381d ago

Better to release a working product. How long have there been online multiplayer games. If they can't get it working properly shortly after release, then screw them. It's not like this is a new frontier here.

Paytaa1380d ago

The official motto for SFV

Gaming4Life19811381d ago

I hope so because the net code was really bad. If it's fixed then I'll get back on if not then I'm pretty much done with this game unless I play locally.

FunAndGun1381d ago

That is the single reason I did not buy this game. I bought MK9 on PS3, the one with the big box arcade stick. Go to play online and it was horrible. The MK fan inside me died that day.

There was no way in hell I trusted them to improve it with this game.

Hoffmann1381d ago

Hey, its getting a new stage for free at least...and also these stage fatalities

slappy5081381d ago

Do you have to download this patch even if you purchase MK XL retail?
It says it's net code and DLC characters so I'm hoping all of this stuff is on the disc when I buy it

Skate-AK1380d ago

I doubt it will come on the disc. It takes a while to print them and since they just push the patch through today, I don't see it being done in time to print on the disc.

Majin-vegeta1380d ago

Where you bee n??PC version has been left to die.

Gaming4Life19811380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Pc version has been left to die and this dev/company is now as laughable as rocksteady but at least they fixed their game and re-released it.

Pastorfuzz1381d ago

Going to wait for the XL edition to come out on disc.

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