R-Types Brings Arcade Originals Home to Playstation – Today in History – February 28th, 1999

Carl Williams writes, "Over the course of gaming, we have seen a ton of scrolling shooters come and go. The genre that started with the likes of Defender and Space Invaders evolved all the way up to visually impressive titles such as Ikaruga and the various bullet hell games. One series that has held its own over the years, even against much more visually striking competition, is the R-Type series. The only other series that can probably hold a candle to R-Type would be the Darius games by Taito. R-Types was a late release for the original Playstation console, hitting in 1999. This didn’t matter because the contents of that CD-ROM are timeless."

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Orbilator1558d ago

Never forgotten, used to play ever day in my local arcade me and my pal cat were local celebs of the arcade as we were hardcore rtypers and had every score on the highscore table.

Then the jamma console broke and the new arcade box only had a 4 way joystick and so ended our fun in the arcade. Managed to pick it up on my PC engine which was arcade perfect. Never picked up the playstation version coz I had a full arcade unit by then, but love the game even now

GrimDragon1558d ago

Great game r-type two especially. Wish the series would have kept developing. Can only imagine what an r-type today would be like.

Retroman1558d ago

To bad Ascii and Eidos stop producing R-type after R-type final.
would love to see up-to-date graphics for ps4
along with up-to-date graphic Gradius,Einhader,Raycrisis even Contra.