TurboGrafx Is Finally Available on Wii U - Virtual Console expands its 16-bit library

It's been a long time but now a few games from the highly underrated TurboGrafx-16 are ready to download on Wii U. So, prepare to push the "Run" button and add some retro awesomeness into your gaming diet.

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crazyaejay850d ago

YES! If we get Castlevania: Rondo of Blood soon then I'll be one happy dude.

browngamer41850d ago

I downloaded Bonk's adventure last night and I gotta say the VC menu is a HUGE improvement over Nintendo's first party VC games. You get original system sounds, the ability to use a native, full or custom screen size- even the initial start up uses a different tune than the other VC games, it's pretty neat!

toyzombie850d ago

Damn.... The Wii U must be being pushed to its limits.