Rumor: New Information on Next-Gen "Nintendo NX" Console

Below you will find our source, Geno, disclosing a large sum of information pertaining to the new Nintendo console, dubbed Project NX, and whats to come after this information dump.

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DivineAssault 2978d ago

mmmmk.. I cant wrap my head around how this would work but sure.. I know nintendo innovates so i wouldnt be surprised if they pull off something crazy awesome..

breakpad2978d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

if these rumors are true here it comes another fail..why Nintendo ? why you cannt just make a damn normal powerful console with discs,internet and TV output ?...in japan may have some success but everywhere else will be a flop ... imagine yourself a 25+ man to roam around with a Nintendo pad to play games, while all the chicks around have an ipad, samsung or smthing serious (not that Nintendo isnt a serious company..but is a serious game console developper) ...so NX will end where it began, it will be used again as a home console only but again with less capabilities in comparison to the competitors...

2978d ago
itBourne2977d ago

Nintendo for consoles needs to say fuck the 3rd party. They need to be the Apple of consoles. Say you have to own us because we are Nintendo and we have something that isnt available elsewhere. They need to move their top things to the console... They need to say Pokemon is coming to console on the serious factor, you have a full real Pokemon Game on console the real deal. They need to say we have a fully new Zelda, a NEW Zelda, not another 1990's/early 2000's game Zelda. Professor Leyton, is a full graphical blast, Fire Emblem yes we got that.

Literally, with how many generations (by generations... I mean amount of generational people not pokemon generations) Pokemon has impacted. They say full proper 3d MMO Pokemon, and did it well, nothing else would matter. 20 million units sold first year easy..

itBourne2977d ago

BTW, does anyone realize here that Nintendo doesnt NEED to do a damn thing? Their handhelds are going to sell out the ass no matter what, they have a HUGE cash reserve and have investments/ownership in soooo much more then video games.

fei-hung2977d ago

Nintendo does well due to Nintendo games and quirks. The Wii was an anomaly.

For the next Nintendo console to be successful it won't be due to power or third party support, but how well they can market it right, price point for what it is and first party games support.

The WiiU had the least amount of games I was interested in. I can't believe we only got one 3D Mario game, no Star Fox to date, no new Zelda to date and no 3D Donkey Kong game.

Nintendo need to realise the Wii was a one off and to get their next machine to be successful, they must make games that Nintendo is known for. Might even be worth outsourcing work to Playtonic and asking them to create a new Banjo style game.

Rayven2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Why does it seem like I'm the only one who read the article?

It says right there that the NX will be comparable to Xbox One in terms of power and that one of the 3rd party publishers that was given a dev kit describes NX as one of the easiest consoles to port to.

This tells us that NX will be like the other consoles this gen in terms of power and ability to play third party games.

What I really like about it though is how innovative they're being. First, instead of an HDMI cord, they provide a wireless HDMI dongle. So convenient.

Then it was said that it will have a bluetooth feature where you can connect your phone to NX, meaning if you receive a call or text, it will show in your screen.

NX is like the other consoles this gen in terms of power and capability plus other convenient features according to rumor.

MrSec842977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Nintendo absolutely needs to get 3rd party back on board,IMO the way they can do that is by removing the boundaries between their handheld and console customers, along with actually making games that appeal to the same audience that buys 3rd party titles.

Identical processing architecture to the competition, a known API (like Vulkan) and easy to use development tools, with good development support to the development community and Nintendo would be set.

It makes no sense to only focus on the Nintendo only audience, as it's clear that market is shrinking (you only have to look at the sales of 3DS and Wii U compared to the predecessors to see that's true).

Nintendo can both cater to their core audience and newer gamers if they unify their development of games between handheld and console.
The tech exists to make this happen.

It's impossible for a handheld running games at 720p to be able to handle the graphical settings of even XB1 at that resolution, but it can be done at 480p for a mobile platform.

It makes more sense for NX to have more than one device, a handheld running games natively at 480p with the same graphical settings as PS4 and XB1, while the console could do it at 1080p 60FPS using a GPU similar to AMD's Polaris and a Zen or Puma AMD CPU.

Unless the NX handheld gets it's processing performance supplemented by an external device like PC, PS4 or XB1 and that boosts it when you go home or to a friends house and play NX games there.

Hopefully with all of these rumors starting to get more prevalent Nintendo will be having a conference soon to start talking about what NX really is and showing what it can do.

DarXyde2977d ago

I think it sounds very interesting and has tremendous potential to get back third party support. It doesn't sound like people will buy it for multiplatform titles, but it also means it's pretty much guaranteed support thanks to its incredible ease of development that aligns with the best selling current gen console.

And frankly, if the information here is true, it sounds like it's poised to become the most modern console out without losing its identity as a console.

In my opinion though, if you could just take PS4 code and compile it and have it run on NX, it makes more sense to have its power be comparable to PS4. That way, specs are better matched and it's less work for developers.

It'd be nice if it was more powerful, but it still needs to be affordable. A Nintendo console with enough power to have third party support? Count me in.

I hope it does well in reviving the Japanese console market. Sony and Nintendo can work together and do something incredible here.

n1kki62977d ago

Maybe the 25 year old isn't their target demo anymore.

MrSec842977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

I really don't get why anyone would disagree with what I posted earlier, it's all fact, especially Nintendo needing to get 3rd party back on board.
I mean the purpose of a business is to make money and as a console manufacturer if your core audience is shrinking (which is a fact for Nintendo), then you should branch out in the kind of games you can get on the platform.

Nintendo making games that appeal to the western 3rd party audience doesn't prevent them from still making their core Nintendo games, especially if both or all of their platforms going forward can run anything Nintendo makes.
They wouldn't have to make a handheld specific 3D or 2D Mario game, it can run on both platforms and that then opens up development resources that would normally only make Mario to make more than that one kind of game.

Also as a byproduct of Nintendo getting more gamers to buy their systems they'll likely sell even more copies of a Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc.
Just because newer gamers will be trying out Nintendo games.
This is how Nintendo grows their customer base, not by continuing to make the same games over and over again, with a few additions here and there or just refining the same formula.

It doesn't work from a business perspective, it's like a mad person doing the same thing and expecting things to change, you're just stuck in the same place and people get bored.

I have to laugh at people who can't recognize reality, especially gamers that insist they like a company and want them to survive, yet they only ever want them to keep making the same games, which is eventually going to kill the company.

If you're a gamer you want as many games as possible, of quality on the platforms you play on. Nintendo have an awesomely talented group of developers and they're wasted if they can only keep making the same kinds of games or their handicapped into making the same game, with a few tweaks to keep 2 platforms each generation filled with games. We can already see that making a bunch of handheld Zelda games and the core console going without for years has effected the sales of the core console.

Imagine a Nintendo that made a bunch of newer IPs on a regularly bases like Splatoon, alongside the standard games the company are known for and you don't have to buy 2 platforms to play all of them, you can just get the one that suits you.
Of course you can still buy both pieces of hardware if you like, for options on where you'd like to play and the games are never going to be held back by handheld level hardware, they just scale to fit the platforms.

This is the best thing for Nintendo and I really hope they do this.
I'd love to see them making more new IPs like Sony have been. Maybe with NX Nintendo will start to be the company they always should have been all this time.

@n1kki6: You realize that the very gamers that Nintendo was making games for in the NES and SNES era would have continued to buy Nintendo's consoles if they'd actually made games for them right?

Thinking how you have is precisely why Nintendo lacks in sales now.
You don't just make games for a tiny portion of the market, especially when the 25 year old or older are the ones who actually have purchasing power now.

_-EDMIX-_2977d ago

I'm sorry infected but what many gamers are asking for is for Nintendo to at least be up with standards of other platforms I don't even think power is the issue so much as architectural design and then having a real stable set of features.

If they are once again going out of the loop and seeking some sort of gimmicky concept it very much could be their last console as nothing is really wrong with that other than their complete lack of standard features.

Because you're sarcastically saying we need another console that's like the other two but isn't it clear the fans have spoken with their wallets and went with the other two?

Doesn't that tell you clearly those gamers do not want Nintendo is currently offering?

So your advice is for them to continue to be more different and continue to fail? I'm not sure that sounds like a wise idea.

Philface2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

@ED: So you say Everyone who owns a PS4 or Xbox or both is willing to buy an other console which does noting new? I don't think so. And even for sake of Nintendo games, people could have bought the Wiiu as secondary console. True is they have to pick up features from today's gaming but on the other hand they have to be different in a way.

@MrSec: These are not all facts but certainly very good IDEAS.

never4get2977d ago

"supplemental computing device" is serious. powerful 4K/3D gaming console.

WiiU-Dude2977d ago

That is why releasing this year is so important. It means XB1/PS4 have only been out for 3 years. Neither of those companies will hit until 2018 at the earliest, but likely 2019. If Nintendo has at least XB1 power and has up to a 4 year window and is crazy easy to port. It may very well be a success. Especially if it somehow seemlessly integrates with their new handheld.
If they waited until next year and DIDNT make their machine a powerhouse then yes there would be trouble. Imagine the current tragetory. IF Sony and/or Microsoft releases 2019. That means the NX wil be on its 4th year. Nintendo could theatrically release in 2020 , be out 5 years (the traditional system cycle) and by waiting then make a machine more powerful than Sony or XB1 - if they wanted to!!
Just a thought.

hay2977d ago

Looks cool. As cool as IPhone slapped to the WiiU controller wireless connected to the PC can look.

_-EDMIX-_2977d ago

@Phil - I'm not entirely sure where you got that impression I do not believe that the industry currently can support 3 consoles in terms of third party games I believe the majority of gamers that may have purchased a Nintendo console to also play third party games have moved on and are currently on with PlayStation 4 and Xbox one I don't believe again the industry has room for a third player in terms of third party games as I believe Sony and Microsoft now own a large chunk of that market right now.

I believe Nintendo does need to get 3rd party support back in order for their system to even be a slight success but I also believe that ship has sailed long ago in the gamers that were willing to support the platform to play some of those titles have moved on elsewhere they've kind of lost their business to other companies that are doing consoles much better and getting greater support because of it.

Even if they get a title like GTA people have to understand having the next GTA doesn't mean you have the best version of it in also doesn't mean your networking is the best for such titles consider if they're not up to snuff with their networking service people may prefer to play that game elsewhere where it's a better network setup.

Considering how low wii u sales are I actually believe that ship has sailed with a large number of consumers a very very long time ago. The huge installed base of Call of Duty GTA Mass Effect Assassin's Creed Etc fans are likely already established on the main big three platforms.

Ninja_G_Aidan2977d ago

With all the chicks watching you play a Nintendo?! You sound like a virgin mate. Me personally couldn't care less what people think about what I be doing.
I bring that 3ds into the middle of a rave and you watch the bitches around me digging into me while I play Super Mario.

rainslacker2977d ago


Interesting take.

Funny thing though, Apple doesn't really have anything unique despite their marketing saying otherwise. They have a user base, relevant hardware, and their system is pretty accessible to developers of all types...two things Nintendo hasn't been that great on with on their home consoles in a while(Although Wii had user base). That's why Apple has support, not because they offer something so unique that people just have to have it....although a lot of people do buy them for that because Apple Marketing is very good.

Philface2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

@ED: I have to admit it wasn't well worded what I meant. What I wanted to say is that it won't be enogh for the NX to be an console that clones PS or Xbox in terms of 3rd party support (which is mandatory at this point) and graphics. Non-Nintendo fans will not buy the NX if they already own a PS or Xbox or both just because of Nintendo games. If there was this intreset in Nintendo games from those people more Wiiu consoles (as secondary console) would otherwise have been sold.

Nintendo has to bring something new to the table to convice people to buy there new product.

dcbronco2977d ago


The problem is given the chip sizes coming this year this is a perfect opportunity for Nintendo to leapfrog the competition. I know they're cheap, but they can be cheap and still boost power well past Sony and Microsoft. You would think they learned from Wii U. This would mean they haven't.

They think their problem was porting. The Wii U was as powerful as the PS3 and Xbox 360. But it was late to the generation. Only Nintendo fans are going to buy a last second entry that only matches the ability of consoles everyone but the blind already knows are underpowered. Nintendo's ticket to great sales is a much more powerful console. Selling for $249 won't do any thing for you.

_-EDMIX-_2977d ago

@phil- I see, agreed. They need something new I'm not entirely sure third party support can save them but they at least need to try or they might need to consider going third-party themselves as a publisher.

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pcz2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Whatever Nintendo do will most likely be a good idea in principle, but Sony or Microsoft will simply take that idea and do it better in their future consoles.

IE Nintendo might make a hybrid between handheld and console, but it will be flawed it will be ugly and weak, it will be bulky etc Sony or micro will then come along and do it 'properly'

Unfortunately this is the way it has been since the Wii, since Nintendo are seemingly unwilling to invest the money required to give us the technology we dream of, instead we get these horrible cheap incarnations of what are good ideas in principle

Seraphim2977d ago

My concern with all that power is size. if it's too small does it have adequate cooling for all that power? The concept and details were interesting in the article were interesting. Though some very trivial and overall useless. I fail to see the need other than pure addiction or laziness that requires you to synch your phone with your console to answer calls and/or read texts.

Personally I think Nintendo really needs to work on their first party development studios. Expand, envision, enrich. Obviously those who solely own a Nintendo will appreciate 3rd party support, which they do need. Especially if anyone in this day actually only owns a Nintendo console. For me and others the real selling point are original & new IPs. Zelda, Mario, Samus, Kirby, and so on are all great but they should be looking to expand. And why does it take so bloody long for them to release a new Zelda, Metroid, ect? What always keeps PS fresh is the new and interesting IPs. That's what has always set PS apart for me. MS has had a good number as well while overall, Nintendo just lacks. So that's where I see them setting themselves apart and selling to gamers who are looking for a complementary console. Expanding their development force to keep franchises releases more often along with taking some risk and developing some great new IPs.

indysurfn2977d ago

WHAT!? The wii was not BULKY compared to the 360 or ps3. In fact both those consoles was WAY bulkier than the Wii.

AND the wiiu is WAY more compact than the PS4 and the xbox one. I have all three of them! Your either purposely lying, or DONT KNOW! your just preaching douchbag assumptions.

Why are you commenting on EVERY NINTENDO article with misinformation? WHY?

rainslacker2977d ago

I put out there before the reveals of this gen that one of the companies could come out on stage and show a hybrid mobile/home console solution. I said it might be Sony, due to the rather firm rumors that the 720, as it was called at the time, would probably go the traditional route of just being a home console(features weren't as discussed then). I posited Sony due to them having interest in both spaces and how heavily they seem to be interested in the Vita at the time, and Nintendo having already released the WiiU, I thought an actual hybrid console would combat any appeal that the WiiU Gamepad had, and take it to the next logical step.

I never considered that about 3 years later, Nintendo would be on the cusp of releasing such a system, but it is a rather logical step for Nintendo as well...albeit rather quick as far as generations go.

I think it might be too soon to count Nintendo out. They have some obstacles to overcome for sure, but they can hit gold when they run with a good idea. I think at times though they hold back the brands potential by trying to keep the price in the family range, as well as trying to hard to keep this family friendly image which isn't selling their systems to that great a degree. It sells their software for sure, but that's only good for Nintendo, not the numerous 3rd parties out there.

Not saying Nintendo needs to stop being family friendly, just restructure their advertising to not portray just that aspect of their consoles. Thought there was hope this gen early on, but Baynoetta was kind of an anomaly on getting more mature content, and even that was limited in appeal due to it's presentation being more Japanese than Western.

thisismyaccount2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

del. pointless comment

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-Foxtrot2977d ago

Long as it has a normal, traditional controller I'll be fine

If they continue with the game pad then they've lost me...why waste money on it