Battlefield 5 is Reportedly Set in World War I

CRAVE: "A retail listing claims the next Battlefield game is a tactical shooter set in WWI."

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Iltapalanyymi3041d ago

YES. WW2 is so overused. there aren't enough WW1 games

bixxel3041d ago

Completely agree. That would be absolutely fantastic!

Utalkin2me3041d ago


Cause it would be a Battlefield game, i mean i dont understand what you're getting at. Ever play BF 1942? Or BF Vietnam? Or heck even BF 2042. Bf is not a place holder for current times, its the term of war.

Errorist763041d ago


That's exactly his point..why name it Battlefield 5 and not Battlefield 1918

Bebedora3041d ago

BF 5 WWI Two dimensional madness carnage in your number of FPS.

That would be my word for the title

Utalkin2me3041d ago


Cause probably thats what it will be called, or something along those lines. They are just saying next BF, the title says BF 5.

Pogmathoin3041d ago

Considering most of that war was spent in trenches, barely advancing, will be interesting to see how they make this game.... Chemical warfare too.

thorstein3041d ago

AWWW, I was hoping for the War of 1812.

_-EDMIX-_3041d ago

The slowness is real with some.

Who has confirmed it will even be called BF5? For all we know its merely a placeholder name.
Even if its is called BF5......who cares?

Kingthrash3603041d ago

Took the words out of my ....um...fingers.
Battlefield 5 hasn't been the confirmed name for the game.
Why rack your brains with scenarios that are not confirmed.

TacticAce3041d ago

We dont know the name of it yet...

zeuanimals3041d ago

Don't know how they'd pull it off. There's a reason Valiant Hearts is one of (if not the only) game set in the battlefields of WWI. The war doesn't give much potential for an FPS as it was mostly trench warfare, mustard gas, and failed attempts at overcoming the fact they're fighting a trench war with weapons too powerful for trench warfare.

morganfell3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

The idea that WWI was nothing but trench warfare is a misconception and a case of people becoming automatons that simply repeat what they have been told by other people repeating what they have heard...incorrectly.

No one started the war by yelling, "Hey we dug a trench here! What are you going to do?"

A lot of time in the trenches? Yes. All of it? No.

Pogmathoin3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Clearly the war ended Morgan, so yes, it did expand beyond the trenches. The majority of the war was trenches. Then a rapid increase in technology, first tanks and so on advanced the war to end it. Your comments always wreak of conspiracy, and that we have all been fooled into believing something. Sorry the burst your bubble, there are many intelligent people out there who do not feel the need to elaborate.

Edit: also behind the great song behind Franz Ferdinand.

awi59513040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Why cant people just make the games we all love instead of messing with them. Rainbow 6 ruined, tried to turn it into call of duty. Ghost recon ruined, they tried to turn that into call of duty. Battefield 3 ruined, because they tried to turn it into call of duty. Just make the shooter that we loved and stop following the stupid crowd.

I want stupid large maps to hunt people down in thats ghost recon. I want a tactical shooter with great gun play were spray and pray was a detriment with great maps. Where if you died you stayed dead that is rainbow 6.

And i want a game where all capture points are never safe and the enemy can attack you from any angle at anytime. A game where you cant just camp hallways and choke points that game was battlefield and EA ruined it. This is why i never liked rush mode when it was added to battlefield game. You dont force people down choke points to be mowed down thats not battlefield at all and i hate rush and all maps made in that style with a passion looking at you operation locker.

SolidStoner3040d ago

Battlefield.. Im comming from PC.. so that name for me means alot of WW2 and Vietnam! Now Im playing on PS4 and I miss so much good old days without auto aim auto lock auto shoot everything modern and auto doing...

If this is true and BF5 is WW1, day 1 buy for me! and my mature friends!!!! fingers crossed!

NewMonday3040d ago

the only Battlefield I want is a new Bad Company

PoSTedUP3040d ago

the singleplayer's gonna be sick with chaos in No Mans Land. multiplayer should be good too. heavy gasoline spewing flamethrowers and the like.

Ashlen3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

This seems unlikely...

I'm not going to buy it either way but at least it's not like BF4 which was in some ways trying to suggest an inevitable war between US and China. Which just sets the wrong idea in people's minds.

We need to set images of future peace and cooperation with China not make it seem like there is an inevitable war on the horizon.

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NatureOfLogic_3041d ago

Meh, would be boring imo. I'd rather for developers to keep trying to predict future warfare and weapon systems rather than return to the tired boring past.

Errorist763041d ago

So sick of that future crap already!

Bebedora3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Like blood borne and stuff. I mean COME ON! What's up with that retarded shoot? Where is the laser weapons?

FreeSpeech693041d ago

Just Play Halo or COD. Maybe they want to try something different for a change. I don't even remember the last WWI FPS.

Silly Mammo3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

So you sit in the trenches for 3 days and then run out and get mowed down by machine guns. Sounds like a blast. At least the artillery will be fun. :-)

Although air duels in bi-planes would be cool.