The Square Enix Communication Crisis

Brett says, "Square Enix has long been one of the most beloved developers in the gaming industry, having created classics such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger. They are also brutally frustrating.

For years Square Enix has been the master of poor communication and odd decision making, especially with their Japanese properties. Upcoming titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III have all been surrounded by unclear messaging. From Final Fantasy XV’s multi-year vanishing act to the episodic confusing of the VII remake, the company continually makes blunders with its biggest franchises.

It is clear that Square Enix has a PR problem."

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PixelGateUk2529d ago

Square don't even seem to care about most of their products these days to be honest

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re2_apocalypse2529d ago

I think they are doing just fine now; after they jerked off all last generation. At least they are releasing the games I want as a gamer

DarkOcelet2529d ago

"The game was announced very early in development, as the company’s other two flagship titles weren’t close to release. "

FFXV is coming this year and Kingdom Hearts 3 will most likely come next year. And btw, we do not know how far in development FFVII Remake is and weren't the fans and everyone else presurring them to show a FFVII Remake?

So whose fault exactly if they show it early? And besides, we saw gameplay of FFVII Remake so that is definitely a progress.

Lon3wolf2529d ago

That's the problem damned if you do and damned if you don't.

averagejoe262529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

The episodic confusion was not Square's fault. They never said anything about the remake being episodic. These "journalists" sensationalized a quote about the full story being released as multiple games. Then, by either sheer stupidity or click bait, the false episodic issue was born.

Chalk that one up to the fans and fellow "news" sites who simply don't know what they're talking about.

This article is pretty off.

cash_longfellow2528d ago

The problem is the internet, not Square. Much of the information surrounding games these days is based on rumors that start on random websites. Although Square Enix is somewhat guilty of doing, well, what every game company does, the real problem lies in bad journalism.

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