Stories Dev:We Chose PS4 For Our Great Relationship W/Sony,But We're Investigating XB1; PS4 Runs @30

Stories: The Path of Destinies will launch on PS4 (and PC) because of the developer's great relationship with Sony, though XB1 is being investigated too. The PS4 frame rate was confirmed as well.

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Chris_Wray2103d ago

It makes sense for them to move it over to the Xbone as well, providing it doesn't cost too much. Gives them access to a wider audience!

RAM0N 2103d ago

Day one, i been looking forward for this game since the announcement

Alexious2103d ago

It's intriguing for sure. I guess I'm just skeptical about the whole "choose your storybook" approach, too many times before it failed in games.

bggriffiths2103d ago

Good to see all platforms getting considered. Exclusives for indies just seems stupid nowadays.

Alexious2103d ago

It doesn't seem that much intensive in terms of graphics, true. But maybe they don't have the resources to optimize it any further.

MegaRay2103d ago

You dont want them cinematic feelings?

Aurenar2103d ago

there are too many games to try and too little time to do it.

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