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Christopher Cross of BagoGames writes: Developing an action scene for a movie requires a lot of storyboards: utilizing the environment of the scene, stunts, and constant movement. The best action scenes move at a rapid pace, building tension as they go but also feeling “real” in a way that makes nothing seem jarring to the viewer. Superhot fully understands what goes into making a great action scene, which is why every time I finished a level in the game, I re-watched all my actions, tracking the power I had in each given moment of the scenario. With Superhot, you are the director and the star of your own action movie, but its narrative takes things to a more interesting place that questions who really is in control of the scene.

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Ajoyshop2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

What a unique concept. It's a game, no it's a movie! Not it's a game in a movie lol. I can't wait till our favorite actors are in games and we're setting the scenes. That will be it. Literally setting scenes and playing out action sequences with Nicholas Cage :p

thrust2535d ago

The ps4 has loads of movie games!

WeAreLegion2535d ago

You just couldn't help yourself, could you?