Five Fighting Games that Need to Come Back

A look back at some fighting game series that are no longer with us but would be nice to see return.

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gangsta_red1947d ago

YES! Bloody Roar..."Moreover, its publisher was Hudson Soft which is now owned by Konami,".

I just died a little inside.

Looks like we will never see a return of this mighty fighting game.

Maybe Konami will make a pachinko game of it!!

DivineAssault 1947d ago

Dark Stalkers for sure.. Make it M rated too but thats reaching for the stars.. Capcom couldnt even get SFV right on launch smh.. Im not even playing it until the march update..

WickedLester1945d ago

I'd love to see both a Dark Stalkers and Marvel Super Heroes using the SF5 engine.

Hoffmann1946d ago

Lets make it 20+
In no peticular order:

Art of Fighting
Battle Arena Toshinden
Bloody Roar
Bushido Blade
Cardinal Syn
Dynasty Warriors
Fatal Fury
Fighters Destiny
Last Blade
Power Stone
Rival Schools
Samurai Shodown
Slap Happy Rhythm Busters
Virtua Fighter
Waku Waku 7
World Heroes
Zero Divide

Hoffmann1946d ago


Star Gladiator /Plasma Sword

and Jurassic Park: Warpath. That game is till today the only halfway good dinosaur fighting game. For its time it was quite decent where Primal Rage was just cheesy.

Skate-AK1946d ago

I still have my PS1 disc of JP Warpath. Really fun game.

Kallisti1946d ago

Sweet list, Waku Waku 7 was actually first game that game to mind because it was so silly.

Hoffmann1946d ago

<3 Fernandez

So silly and so fun. One of the few good Sunsoft fighting games.

MaxCompiler1946d ago

Rival School FTW!!!! Or at least a Project Justice HD remake. Please Capcom Pleaseeeee!!!

DeeboSlice1946d ago

I miss that game. One of my favorite fighters ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.