Mindful of Kinect's fate, Microsoft won't launch its AR until 'the world is ready'

The designer of Microsoft's Hololens augmented reality system, Alex Kipman, revealed that he's pumping the brakes on launching a consumer version of the product - Polygon

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kotaku773074d ago

"When I feel the world is ready, then we will allow normal people to buy it" I despise being normal

Aenea3072d ago

which means:
"When we can get the kinks worked out and mass produce it for an acceptable price, then we release it"

Overload3073d ago

AKA don't expect it anytime soon, which isn't that unexpected.

The tech demos are wishful thinking more than anything, like the Project Natal tech demos.

DivineAssault 3073d ago

Has kinect been used in a good way yet? They were pushing the hell out of it when the xb1 launched but now theyre sweeping it under the rug.. I know halo uses it for something but any 3rd party devs bother using it?

ApocalypseShadow3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Nope. Microsoft effectively killed it by abandoning it to try and catch Sony in sales. When developers saw what they did, they abandoned it pretty much as well.

The tech is awesome, but Microsoft's lack of showing us why the new version is better at gaming and not just an improved mic is their fault.

But the tech will live on in other products like hololens and whatever else they make for controlling electronics at home.

Yetter3072d ago

game wise? Pretty much nothing. BF4 had a lean mechanic where you could tilt your head to lean out of cover. I'm sure there are some other games that tried to tack on some kinect features, but the answer is pretty much no

Aenea3072d ago

Yeah but even that is not unique to the Kinect, I remember an Alien game on the PS4 which had a lean mechanic too using just the controller...

It's a shame though, Kinect is an awesome idea, tracking your movements without having to be holding a device like the PS Move.

Sometimes with this type of tech I wonder if it's the developers of games who are at fault, if they get creative and come up with fun uses for it the tech would become popular, but I feel developers don't like to take too many risks these days...

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Microsoft Responds To Latest FTC Filing, Calls It Misleading

Microsoft was quick to fire back against the FTC’s latest claim

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Sonyslave35d ago

It a warp lol ftc is need but this case against Ms is over.

lelo2play4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

All the whiners 😭 complaining about Gamepass, where were they when Sony increased their prices and introduced several tiers for PS Plus membership?
When Sony does it, it's perfectly acceptable. When Microsoft does it, all hell breaks loose...
Hypocrites 🤡 much!

BTW, I bet most whiners 😭 complaining don't have or even care about Gamepass. They whine simply because it's Microsoft.

isarai4d ago

We were very vocal and many people including myself cancelled their subs. Tf are you talking about? 🤣

outsider16244d ago

As isarai..said. even i cancelled it when they raised their prices. Im enjoying single player games now.

shaenoide4d ago

It's not the price increase the main problem. It's the removal of day one releases for console users while PC user are safe (for now). It's a weird message being send to console fan ( "You should have bought a PC bro !)

Reaper22_4d ago

Well said! They truly are huge hypocrites.

Einhander19724d ago

This has nothing to do with PlayStation, this is about Microsoft breaking its promises.

Bringing up PlayStation is just a petty deflection attempt to not take responsibility for their own actions.

People are unhappy because this has caused thousands of people to lose their jobs, four studio closures and xbox owners should be mad about price increases and the fact that Microsoft paywalled day one games breaking their promise to their own consumers. Now even if you don't want Call of Duty you're paying for it.

The xboners like you who keep defending this type of stuff are actually making things worse for yourselves because you keep sending the message that no matter how much Microsoft bends you over by breaking their promises you're still going to defend them.

Xbox gamers make gaming worse for everyone every time they defend this type of crap.

lelo2play4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


When ponies like you accept anything Sony does without complaining, that's the major problem here...

Sony can do anything they want, and people like you will simply take it with a smile.

Einhander19724d ago

This has nothing to do with Sony.

It just shows how weak the argument is when the best you and Microsoft can can do is deflect with whataboutism's.

This is about Microsoft buying a huge publisher then going to court and saying things they knew weren't true, then going back on their own word. They went into court and knew telling the truth wouldn't be popular with either the court or the public so they lied in court. That is what is being judged here, not anything that Sony did.

You claim we are defending a price increase, but you are defending outright lies that have caused studio closures job losses and your own price increases and new games are paywalled to a higher tier.

And what did you get? Games that you were already going to get without buying these publishers. And on top of that now regardless of if someone actually wanted the games they are forced to pay extra for them.

The scale difference between our two arguments is huge.

MetroidFREAK214d ago

I canceled my yearly subscription after the price increase :)

Outside_ofthe_Box4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"Sony can do anything they want, and people like you will simply take it with a smile"

Isn't that what you are doing with Microsoft's price increase you hypocrite? I bet you were the first to complain about Sony's increase, but not surprisingly first to defend Microsoft's increase because you are a hypocrite.

GamerRN4d ago

They didn't "remove day one" for console users, they created a tier that doesn't get them. They basically brought back Live Gold with GamePass games instead of monthly drops.

Profchaos4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Yeah I complained when Sony increased their prices it was dramatic and they didn't even comment on why it was fine and I'll complain here to

In fact there was a huge outcry just because you missed it doesn't mean it didn't happen

StormSnooper4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It wasn’t the same thing. Sony’s tiers didn’t take anything away from people. Two of the tiers already existed. No promise was broken. Xbox tiers are breaking promises MS has made regarding day one, while also increasing price.

Angyobangyo4d ago

People were complaining and pissed. Only you seem to think Sony gamers graciously accepted it. You sure do whine a lot don't you

Hotpot4d ago

Nope, I cancelled my PS Plus already.

Your turn, criticize MS yourself, right now.