New Diablo 3 Screens Released

via Videogaming247,

"Shacknews is the place to go for those. There are 13 in all and show dungeons, orcs and hammers and stuff; so everything is as it should be.

Check them out."

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595577d ago

No way in hell im buying this, i can guaranty the pvp will be strongly gear based, boring & unbalenced. There are tons of hammer-spamming pally's in diablo 2 right now, thats a perfect glimpse into the future for diablo 3, im sure. Also, probably 75% of the skills will be for pve & low levels again

TheIneffableBob5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

Riiiiiight. You're predicting how Diablo 3 will be off of its 7-year-old predecessor.

PikkonX5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

That's a lot of assumptions to be making about something that's not out yet. Why not wait until it releases to see if Blizzard still has the magic?

highdro5577d ago



know way in the world this game is getting my money...

il rather play TOO FLOPY


Rageanitus5577d ago

Has always made some of the best PC games out there..... but with all that money being brought in you think for once they would make a game with an engine with advanced technology and graphics..

Good thing they have art direction though.

TheIneffableBob5577d ago

See: StarCraft 2.
It's using an engine with very advanced technology. Blizzard is being endorsed by AMD to make StarCraft 2 look as best as it can (while still being able to be played on most PCs, of course).

Rageanitus5577d ago

That is the problem.... SC2 really does not look advanced but something with VERY good art direction

Not trying to bash blizzard because I am a pc gamer and Have respect for them making gr8 games and they put the extra mile in balancing the game.... but imo they have always lagged behind in the graphics dept.

obinofunkenobi5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

The goal for the game is to run on a target machine, which is not a rig capable of running Crysis, so it's going to run how wow does, scaling based on your machine's capabilities. I mean look at wow sales compared to any game with high performance demands. Art is where it's at, and a gimmicky art style that looks good on just about any post millennium machine is what sells to the masses. It's also the case with the wildly successful Half-life series because both games were designed to run on medium low-end machines, but look stunning on rigs capable of handling the extra flare.

fermcr5577d ago

Stop teasing us with screens... and tell us when will it come out?


Diablo III - Still a Huge Draw in the Face of Diablo IV

Diablo III still works on modern PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and remains hugely playable a decade after initial release.

Palitera244d ago

Are you comparing a continuously improved 10+ years old masterpiece with the... beta of an unreleased game?

kevco33244d ago

Heh, yeah. There's no comparison in here! Its a commentary on how III is still very playable over a decade later.


Diablo III Season 28 Brings a New Use for the Staff of Herding

Diablo III: Season 28 brings with it the Altar of Rites, an altar full of unlockable bonuses and potions that will require the gathering of tons of resources. One of things needed is the Staff of Herding, which also unlocks the famous Cow Level known as Whimsyshire. Here's how to craft that staff, for those that either have forgotten, or have never completed it.

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Diablo III - Season 28: Rites of Sanctuary Announced

Diablo IV might be right around the corner, but that doesn't mean Diablo III isn't getting new stuff to do. Diablo III PTR 2.7.5 (Public Test Release) is inbound and Season 28 will soon follow.

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N4GTG304d ago

Season 28 sounds like it will take a while to complete.

GortJester304d ago

It sounds like it'll lead me and others into Diablo IV.

N4GTG304d ago

It seems like that's what they were aiming for.

neutralgamer1992304d ago

What are seasons and is the content from those seasons which have already passed still available? If I start playing Diablo 3 eternal edition today would I for example get all the content?

N4GTG304d ago

Seasonal content changes every so often, and once one season ends (season 27 is on the way out now and probably only has a week left) you'll have to create a new character and start over again with the next season. None of the previous seasonal content is available. Season 28 has an entirely new aspect of unlocks to earn, and even though I have played almost every season through season 27, 28 is really adding some pretty cool stuff to work towards.

You could start a season 27 character just to get the hang of the game, but I wouldn't gett to involved with it until S28 drops probably in 2 weeks.