Civilization: 25 years, 33M copies sold, 1 billion hours played, and 66 versions

LAS VEGAS -- Civilization is one of the gods of strategy games, where you oversee the creation of a whole society in competition with other civilizations. It debuted in 1991, and now at 25, it has become one of the cultural touchstones of the game industry, something that everyone recognizes or has played in the past.

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-Foxtrot973d ago

Maybe I'm saying this because my PC is shit but I really would like a good console Civilization game on par with the PC ones.

Civilization Revolution wasn't half bad...just dumbed down a bit

973d ago
Silly Mammo973d ago

Interesting stats, but they missed the most important ones- how many relationships were ruined? And how many jobs were lost?

ravinash971d ago

I still remember the day my dad finally convinced me to go and peel the potatoes by turning off the power to the entire house.
I think I lost about 5 hours worth of game play that day.

Mirdus972d ago

Nuclear-Gandhi still give me the creeps