Rumor: Tecmo CEO To Resign?

A page translated by google appears to show that Yoshima Yasuda will be resigning from the position of Tecmo CEO effective August 20th. The rough translation is:

Tecmo, the company's web site, Mr. Yasuda Snake good CEO to resign as president on Wednesday. The resignation of release, "Today's (2008 year on August 20) meeting of the Board of Directors, President and CEO from Yasuda, President and CEO for personal reasons and that want to offer to resign as director of the Board of Directors We will accept it. Said the current Chairman of the Board, who is chairman of interlocking Yasuharu Kakihara. Perhaps Team Ninja has claimed one final victim…

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VampHuntD5775d ago

Itagaki and Team Ninja Certainly have claimed a final victim. Maybe Itagaki will become the new CEO? Doubtful, since I don't think his leather jacket and sunglasses could be worn to business meetings.

kazuma5775d ago

what's up with them lately? i mean everything dead or alive sucked hard, but they made ninja gaiden, gaiden black, gaiden sigma, gaiden 2.
sure itagaki left because of some money problems, but they seem to be falling apart. shame rly ninja gaiden was pretty nice =\


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purple10121d ago

not a good title FPS RUSSIA. should have gone with: "new content added'. ... or something like that

try : 'New and expanded content 5 new Ally Missions added. + Addition of dojo training partners"


Lol thats the title of the article by playstation blog what are you talking about ?


Read the article it has nothing to do with what you said

purple10121d ago

I literally copied and pasted that from the bottom of the article

DEEBO21d ago

The new update is so good...


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MIDGETonSTILTS17468d ago


Black > Sigma1 > Sigma 2