Metal Gear Solid: The Only Stealth Series

Stealth is a genre that needs some more love. Here is a guided rant about issues that it's had so far and why Metal Gear Solid is the only game that really accomplishes what it sets out to.

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Stevefantisy2110d ago

I really liked Tenchu back in the day.

Kyosuke_Sanada2110d ago

Underrated series which I still play to this day (currently finishing the second installment.)

It's a shame we haven't had a console release since Tenchu 4 for the Wii which was amazing stealth wise but fell short in actual combat and I was bothered that the open-world aspect was removed.

AdamHarris2110d ago

98 was a heavy year for stealth. Tenchu, the original Thief, and MGS all came out. Still, Metal Gear is the only one I consider to be truly about stealth.

Benchm4rk2109d ago

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is the best stealth game. I loved MGS but would hardly even consider it a stealth game.